Saturday, June 18, 2011

to those who will do WW III

to those who will do World War 3, I dedicate this post.

To those who begin this war and to those who will fight in it and to those who will be the participants in it, as "victims": meaning, most of us, the whole human race!
[This is assuming that what I See coming, what my Seer friends have seen, and from what I have read of other psychics and prophets seeing the same outcome, to happen within  a few months to a number of short years away!]

---the last thing any "spiritual" person might imagine should happen to the human race.  There is even talk amoungst the seers that if anyone is caught at ground zero, in a nuclear blast, the intense radiation will actually go "up" into the etheric levels and strip away part of the soul's life memories from that life lived up until this blast!  The soul returns nearly empty handed, of life experiences!
  The last thing that I would want, in any event.  WW III.

But the "Lord", [to give the great overspirit a name] might have Ideas of His Own, for the immediate future of the human race and its mass Ascension into spirit!

There is one humbling thing that I have to accept.  that most of the human race is "baby soul".  Even America is made up of mostly young souls and mature souls.  there are *very* few old souls here, at least in comparison to everyone else.
In other words, a *whole* lot of second graders and a few third graders and only a very few 3rd...4th...and higher grades, incarnated.
"War" might indeed be the language of these baby and young souls and that they NEED to act out what is best for them, you cannot skip a grade in childhood without crippling the development of the child and I feel that this holds for the stages of life for souls too.
    Thus "economic capitalism with its 'rape" of the environment" is the Curriculum curve lesson for probably 80% of the souls here!  they have to learn by doing.

I am guessing that these very old souls are here to be able to experience the earth plane so that they can help the arriving souls, when everyone comes to the afterlife.  Got to "be here, done that" in order to learn what the earthplane is like.  thousands and thousands of years of Counseling and consoling aid will be done, by these old souls, after they too, die.

Thus I forgive the human race if 'everyone" chooses to go via WW III.

And this war could only be a few years off, too.

On a practical note: you Survivors who move way out into the country to Survive, please be aware that RADIATION might happen, ala nuclear bombs.  think: "civil defense booklet on surviving radiation"!   be sure to have a Geiger counter or another type of radiation detector with you and to have water and food that can be shielded from fallout!


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