Saturday, June 11, 2011

my Vision of maybe WW III beginning around 2021 !!


hi all.

I was thinking, the other day, about "that" dream of a year ago. In this dream I was taken in spirit to see a kind of "astral for-runner" of a strange scene. two ladies were fighting each other in a courtyard with a black column of smoke rising 300 feet into the air, behind them. Next to these ladies a flatscreen TV had a news broadcast where the anchorman was talking about the conflict between "Canadamountreal" and "Russiamountreal" leading to WW III. Someone yells out that two of our three chances were missed [for ww III to happen] and now *this* chance coming, in ten years, will be the last chance to stop this war from happening!

Yesterday I realized that from space, a world war with Russia would *Look* to have Canada and the USSR sending missiles over the pole. Canada vs Russia. USA has, what, 6000 missiles, and Russia might have 8000 nuclear missiles, the numbers change from time to time.

I had not put this all together until last week when I looked at the three bassette generations, Uncle, my father, and me, we "did" many important life things in 27 year cycles and Dudley, my father, was born in 1914. ww I. I was born in 1941, 27 years later.... ww II.

[the 27 year cycles are not exact, of course, often they fall short of 27 years by several months.]

the next 27 year point was about 1968.


The Untold Story of a Soviet Submarine's Nuclear Strike Attempt on the U.S.

Early in 1968 a nuclear-armed Soviet submarine sank in the waters off Hawaii, hundreds of miles closer to American shores than it should have been.


---we all came SOOOO close to nuclear ww III, then!

[this is the first "Point" of exit, i feel; war did not happen.]

the next 27 year point was about 1995.

the Bible code people saw that 1996 was to begin ww III!


Three thousand years ago it had predicted that in July 1996 Netanyahu would go to Amman. If the Bible code was right about that, also right about the predicted "atomic holocaust," the "holocaust of Israel," and the "World War."


---the *SECOND* missed ww III chance point. !!

ah, the next opening is about 2020 to 2023!


the great depression began October 1929. applying the 27 year cycles again, you eventually get 2010 !!


*this* is Ominous, sports fans.

here we have two 27-year cycles running in tandem and now again there is a great depression and within 10 to 11 more years ww III will break out, unless this third and last "chance" passes by!

History repeats for those who cannot alter it.

the weather in the 1930s, many many records for heat, cold drought, still stand today and this is the Time of the great dust bowel. does not anyone SEE the cycles of History?

my father did, he had cycle books way back in the 1950s, he would be warning people today about the oncoming great war, the third war that the Hopi warn of!!

within a year or so, Someone will suggest the CCC camps for the unemployed! history will grind on, in its repeats.

the hell of this is by the time this war gets nearer, everyone will "want" this war and even liberal lefties will Enlist and wave the us flag!

the collective Lemming-mass of humanity will evoke this war to cleanse the depression away.

however....12,000 to 15,000 nuclear missiles will give to the world "rabbits"! 6000 years from now there might be 300 kinds of rabbits and nothing else alive in the mammal kingdom, rabbits that fly, swim, even begin to walk upright. And they will glow in the dark too, the radiation, you know....!!

I enclose my drawing.

This is a GOOD thing to pray about. I cannot imagine Spirit permitting such a war, but then again it will be us that will begin it, in free will, but maybe not in free will as those who do not Understand will be a slave to the wheels of history-aturning!

ten years [2011] and counting......


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