Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the Incredible Shrinking Old Men! [and women]

the Incredible Shrinking Old Men! [and women]

I had an interesting experience today.
I had the new bus schedule, the city is completely changing all the bus routes in a few weeks. I wanted to give it a newcomer to my senior home for independent living, a 83 year old very intelligent man who just moved in last week.
when i gave him the bus schedule, he said he had the new one already and that this new schedule was going to make it hard for him to see his doctor regularly. he then ranted about how the new routes were worse under this new route pattern.
he went on some more about the cost of living goes up and the poor get poorer. and on. and on, then someone else down the hall wanted some help: good excuse to leave.

all that I could do is to talk back to him in his own ideas and to agree. I could not turn him "away" from his criticness, I could not find any words to "overturn" his reasons for pessimism.

*then* i see now why i "had' to agree with him, it is the only thing that i can *POSSIBLY* say to him!!

Here is an analogy to explain why I could not say something optimistic to him: a man who is 40 has his sheet of paper with his drawings on it: his life. then as he gets to be 50 or so, "someone" snips off a corner or two from the sheet, including some of his life-art. by 60 years old, the sheet begins to get ever the smaller and smaller. *now* is the Time to be able to have some Art that is off the sheet, the Art that will stay with you for eternity. Now is the time to begin to grow your soul, to know that there is more to life than in just living materially.

this man has no "3-D" artwork, comparatively. all that he sees is his analogy, "the dollar is shrinking right before my eyes, it buys less and less. he is angry. Very Angry. his very life is being cut away by old age and his less flexible mind. he sees the future in that senile lady across the hall or that man down the hall with a triple heart bypass, a few years older than he and this other heart-man will soon live in a nursing home, his life-sheet is now the size of a mail stamp!

like a rat in a Press, as the walls of old age close in, he gets every the angry, if extroverted, or ever the depressed if introverted.

This one man, see, has no spiritual life. Nothing "off the sheet". Little of soul, nothing of Spirit. Like the Joke I read of a rich materialist man dying and going to heaven and the angels showed to him his heavenly home, a SHACK. he was angry. the angels then told him, "but you did not send us up any lumber to build your home with"!

No lumber.

No Jesus. no transcendence. Little Love-feelings, little Understandings in spite of his IQ of 140.

---And why cannot I, with an older soul, "help" him or even not be able to respond against his anger?

Simple: whatever I would say, would mean nothing to him, utterly so. I cannot even utter the christian Dogma platitudes to him. many many 'intelligent" people are like this, in a younger person, the vibration is, "cynicism, sarcasm"! I would talk like a China-man in a world of English-only people. What could i say that he even could deny against?!
this is probably the "bitter old man", someone ranting with rage as he slowly goes down the drain!

I wish there was a way, like in the Greek Mysteries, where a person could experience a "out of body experience" so that they would *know* that there is a good life after death. Or, to at least have a Real Experience of the Mystical Spirit, to *know* that there is more to life than our material world. At least even the Christians have *Faith* that they are saved and are to go to heaven!

And also to know that their soul can still grow even if they are 99 years old!
So I feel bad that i can only reply kind to kind, to talk of the shrinking money and how "everything is going to pieces, nowadays"! I *could*, i guess, turn right angles to him and then hold up my copy of "war And Peace" and then begin to recite this book to the air! the "disconnect" to him would be utter. This is what talking about anything with Soul or Spirit is, to him and to most of the other people.

the Younger people? they are just in the Innocence of their Youth, they do not see their life-sheet being shrunk, they are young and full of dreams that might still be done, even if they are only material dreams. there is no future for this older man except living in a nursing home being 2 years old and dependant upon everyone for *everything*! no more dreams.


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