Sunday, May 15, 2011

my theory on multiple chemical sensitivity

my theory on multiple chemical sensitivity.  Just mine alone, from my own experiences and from what I have read.

Rudolf Steiner once wrote about how the soul incarnates into the body, near birth time.  But he writes about
how a soul might not incarnate "deep enough" into the body so that the soul's thinking ability is "detached" from the body: this give Autism.  Then he writes about souls that incarnate too too "deeply" into the body.
      while he does not expound much about what that person's life is like, I have a Royal Guess, people!

In a normal person the smell nerves, in the nose, detect the odors.  but in a person who incarnated too deeply, the BODY detects the odors!     When the body detects a scent, then the body *also* detects a "foreign substance to it", and then the Immune Function kicks in!   Of course the body will react the most to
scent chemicals that are not "natural" to the environment, meaning most man-made substances!

So this is what I think is happening to many, or at at least some, of the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity people [MCS]!  too too bad one cannot find a way to dampen the immune response.  But if so, no resisting disease and pre-cancer!  think..."AIDS"!
So this is why I read that some MCS people will react to *everything*!    The smell of iron from their cast iron skillet, on their kitchen cook stove, the smell of the hot stove "burners", the smell of the dye in the kitchen hand towels, the smell of the dish detergent, the smell of the sponge:  no wonder many are near-bedridden!!

I wish I had a "cure"!  I do not even have much help to give.  But at least I can "name the Demon", for some people with this Condition!


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