Sunday, May 08, 2011

I disagree with Stuart Wilde, in this article

Ivy around trees is like the ghouls around a human, it suffocates the tree and eventually kills it.

I take small ax and secateurs (cutters) into the woods and liberate trees tearing down all the ivy I can reach. Sometimes I get one of the younger lads to climb up the tree for me. I don’t know how many trees I’ve liberated, many hundreds I’d guess

The trees help protect you in the Aluna worlds, they hover over you, so befriending them grants you a defined benefit, a new protection.

It’s a prayer to Gaia liberating a tree, every little bit helps. (sw)



I read that scientists have found that in the rain forest vines weave the forest together! trees have shallow roots, the vines woven keeps the trees from blowing over in strong winds!

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