Friday, April 22, 2011

a tale of woe: not all seniors are "nice"!

Someone took her wheelchair!

I live in a senior facility for Independant living. There are about 150 people living here.

A few weeks ago someone left their wheelchair in the 5th floor laundry room, and then someone else took it. Now, today, she needs this chair and she cannot afford to buy another one.

so who would steal a wheelchair? I tried to put my head around that, to imagine the mindset of someone who would steal a wheelchair..
Could be....
1---a visiting relative who also has an old relative who needs a chair and this visitor has no scruples.
2----there are Hoarders in this building, just like there are everywhere, I read that up to 20%
of everyone hoards "Stuff"! I can imagine why someone would hoard a wheelchair even as they do not need one! Here in my senior Home, the ambulance comes for someone about once per week and everyone here just Knows that sooner or later it will come for them! Everyone here lives at the end of the conveyor belt and death Awaits us all, very soon and there is no way to ignore this fact, here! Thus this person might be "buffering" against death, as in, "the more stuff that might come in handy some day that you have, the more in control that you have over the coming of Mr death for you" For these people it is a matter of "survival" and survivors think of themselves first and sometimes only of self!
3---I once took my clothes to the 5th floor laundry room and when i got back, that lady, in there doing her wash, whom I never saw before or again, had left, but she took out my clothes from the dryer, hung up and ironed my shirts and then took my socks and underwear with her, never ever to be seen again!
When I asked around, i was told, "oh that must be *that* lady who never comes out of her room, she has Alzheimer's and she lost her husband a year ago and she probably thought that those clothes were his"!
A wheelchair? Some senile person might thing that the chair was her husbands as he needed a chair during the last few years. [he died three years ago!]
Anyone who care takes for an Alzheimer's person knows what i am talking about! the baby boomer's will see about a 80% increase in numbers of senile people as the wave of Boomers gets older. Soon, a senile person will not even know that she does not know, soon a senile man will ask his wife, when she comes to visit him in the memory home, "who are you"!


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