Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sai baba did die in 2021!!

hi all.

a momentious calander discovery about sathya Sai baba and his stated death date, that he would die in 2021 or 2022.


Swami was 96 years according to the telegu calendar, telegu calendar is 11 years ahead of western calendar add 11 to 85= 96, if you go into Google it will confirm the telegu calendar shows 2021 and add 1 year which swami says you spend in a mothers womb you get 2022. I think Prashanti Nilayam knew about it and didn’t want to create panic and stampede. Very soon - you will realise that in you Neti Neti - No No to every sight your outward vision sees, there is another way - every material, animal or human - is saturated with Divine force, so now you look at the wall - it is impermenant - now but it has the Divine Force in every particle of sand or cement - relate to that Divine Force - with the Divine that you find in your self. Close your eyes - you will see Baba. Maybe the first time or maybe the 100th time, but you will see Baba - That is His Permenant Form - start loving that and start loving each of his teaching in our lives - Sathya ~ Truth - we will stick to Sathya come w

By Shanti

4/26/2011 2:22:00 PM
I checked the Telegu calender.   yes.  April 24th is 2021.
baba came for India, mostly.   Carl Jung wrote that no westerner could ever experience India for what it is, as he would carry a bubble of the western ways around with him, everwhere he goes, if he visits India!

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