Thursday, April 14, 2011

a post to a forum about Safe Zones to move to in case of disasters

I have this terrible Imagination!
---that yes, the shit hits the fan and there are about ten large cities near some hills. I can see it now: 50,000 people a-heading for the Safe Zone! Look, See, Watch the lines of cars coming from Chicago, St Louis, Memphis, the Ozarks. Watch them all drive up to High Ridge, or Spring Branch. Spring Branch might be a valley three miles long with one country store and thirty houses. Welcome all ye 4,000 people! Listen to the yelling babies and the barking dogs and 1000 cars near out of gas.

*if* you have a safe zone to move to, be sure that this place is off of the radar from the "perceived" safe zones!
go to some place that few know about. A place where the lifeboat will not be overloaded.

this holds true, i fear, even for the places that you might be living in now: that quiet little cabin along Spring Branch. you got this place years ago, to get Away. But if the S hits the fan, those 4,000 people will *also* want to get Away!

and if you do not give those 4,000 people What They Want, some of them might turn on you!

so pick your Place carefully!!


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