Thursday, April 14, 2011

a forum post about Damm yankees.


I originally came from a tiny rural town in upstate new York.

I moved to Tallahassee to attend college there at FSU. I soon discovered a term that southern people used, "DAMM YANKEE"! I also found out Who these disliked people were. they are *not* every person from the North.

a Damm Yankee is someone, usually from a large northern city, who is "in your face" obnoxious, and he will tell you how to live your life *his* way! Then try to force you to do it "for your own good", often quoting his university education versus your 9th grade education and your use of bad grammar and bad political attitudes!
Then he calls you a "redneck", with the Implication that you contribute nothing to anyone, that whatever you believe in is wrong and needs to Come Around to.....[usually his own belief system!]
these DYs are always in a hurry and get on ya if you do not also be in a hurry with them.

As the years went by and more and more Northern people moved to Tallahassee and long long after the blacks got their rights, here and there, i see these DYs.
Meet them. They make me feel like I am "an American Indian and they are the New White Man"!

[little feelings: they have no "oil" in their engine, everything is square on the corners and they have little "roundness" to them or in their souls. Thus they have no feel as to what their Policy will do to the village/classroom/employees, or to you personally.]

in college 1961, I had to ride back from the caving expedition, the 90 miles, with a Connecticut man who drove a Cadillac. He did not like the South. he pulled up behind an old pickup truck and then pulled sharply around it, cutting off the farmer with his two sons, in it. a couple of miles down the road this Conn. man pulls into a convenience store to buy something and as he came back to the car this pickup truck came slowly into the parking lot. the farmer slowly got out and walked up to the open window and began to sharply talk to the driver, "how could you pull around me like that; me with my two kids, do not do this again"! he drives off; i sunk down in my side of the seat. So what did this Conn. guy then do? for the next 80 miles he "machine gun mouthed" nonstop, putting down this stupid farmer and the South and all of the rednecks. every tree and post and house got his negative comments!!

I had as a college room mate who was from also a city in upstate new York. he and his other northern friends bullied and tormented me endlessly! And what was his major? psychology!! He was going to be a counselor of people's problems!!

the next county over from Tallahassee is very very rural. there, when the schools are yearly graded and they get a "D" grade, they clap for joy as now the school is doing much better than last year!!
But I know a Secret about these rural counties, people! What Counts for the Most, there, is how much you love others and how much others love you. I once saw a poster for the church fish fry, there, in the county seat.
It said, "fish fry. you all come"! This poster was on a power pole a mile from the church. there was no place, time, or date, given. These informations are not important here!
[infuriates a Yankee.]

the Bible speaks about how Love is greater than Mind. I agree.

lets not even write about the "war after the war", the Occupation, the carpet baggers! Thus Northern Occupation went on for years after the war.

--have you ever worked with a Boss from Up North who was from a huge city? many of these bosses are bosses from hell. some of them value Time, speed, money, pickyness, over all. For many of these people, the south is a territory in need of being Set Right!!

so there. I need not rant about blacks or the civil war, just have me describe some experiences with a Mindset
of some northerners.


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