Tuesday, April 12, 2011

florida's 4 billion $$ mess.

well well well....

I see that in my last post I sounded a bit miffed at things.  

Just living in the tallahassee capital city makes me soak up the anger and the rages, of the politic wars over Scott's budget cuts.
there seems to be little "spirituality" here.  You have a business man govenor working with a business directed state, a state where big coporate business is the Way To Go!  Only the big boys can buy up, for instance, half counties to build their 50,000 homes!  big business is the soul of florida's economy.

so here is gov. Scott, he is walking down the row of Roman soldier legionaries, all standing at attention.  He holds his Razor, wanting to make his cuts on the beards of the soldiers but *each* soldier wants his beard!
Thus all Scott is getting is a row of legionaries holding up their shields to stop Scott from cutting *Him*!

"my program is vital to babies, are you out of your mind"?!
"do you really hate old people, govenour"?
"third rate colleges are not good for Florida"!
"you expect the disabled to walk"?!
"better not have your mansion catch fire, if you cut us firefighters"!
---on and on.......

Of course this state is a retirement state and the LAST thing any senior wants, especially today, is a school tax, a personal state income tax: they came from state so taxing that even property does not appreciate in value!

so where *is* he going to cut?!
WHO will he hurt and he will hurt someone for sure, and badly.

wait till that cat 5 hurricane takes out the city of .......... and *then* Scott will need 50 billion $$$$!


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