Saturday, April 02, 2011

the Florida government and the $4-billion deficit.

ah, someone on facebook is not happy with the Florida Governor, Scott's ideas on how to reduce this 4-billion dollar deficit.
I added my 3 cents worth, discovering again how facebook does not seem to treat spelling too well and if i want to make a new paragraph, facebook publishes my entry immediately instead of making that paragraph.

here are my comments to the facebook article.

.Freestone Wilson everyone is so excited about the clothes of the emperor, no one notices the naked emperor: the near 4-Billion deficit! how IS this sickness to be healed?! Maybe by Fasting. Or by having a different doctor.

4 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Freestone Wilson or....why if i want to make a new paragraph, facebook thinks this is to POST my comment?!

4 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Freestone Wilson oops. again! i love to make space lines, i guess you all will see many many comments lines then!

3 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Freestone Wilson about Biting the Bullet?! doing what all the Northern dates will lots of people do, have a large state income tax, then a high sales tax, then add a very high property tax and a school tax, then add huge taxes on gas, alcohol, cigs. i betcha this shortfall will appear EVERY year, from now on, even if this 4-billion one is solved!

about a minute ago · LikeUnlike.Freestone Wilson seems facebook cannot spell either and NO "edit" function!
just *how* is this shortfall problem going to go away?  by itself?
radical surgery is needed and many people will be angered no matter who or how this is done!
how about going back to 1953!  reduce all social programs to 1953 level.
does not fly, does it?
any ideas of your own??

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