Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dream: the UFO landing in Russia!

a Dream of going to Russia to see something utterly mysterious, like of a UFO landing.

I began this dream where I awoke to it where I am standing on a road near a large field of wheat. woods off in the background. Some farmer man was also standing near the road and we talked for a few minutes about wheat.
"the soul of the people", or something like that, he tells me, of this wheat.
Suddenly off in the far distance there was a large flash of light like lightning, but the sky was clear. we turned to look at this place where the flash came from and what was there was a large cloud like fog that looked a bit like of a huge tornado, miles and miles wide and going from the high sky right down to the ground. Dimly seen, in this mass of bright lit fog were "shiplike" crafts, like UFOs and there were colored flashed of light too. my farmer guy yelled something about a jetliner crashing and then both of us began to run to it.
we soon came upon what looked to be a army camp-base or ranger detachment. there were about ten barracks and a few large windowless buildings where maybe supplies or trucks were kept. In front of the barracks were jeeplike trucks painted in one color.
there were letters on the side of each truck, in a language that does not use Roman alphabet letters. something like "MKP" or "KCP".
Suddenly a whole batch of men came running out of the barracks and they began to jump into these trucks and one of the men with officer-like emblems on his lapel, yelled to me, "Comrade! get on with us, we need all the help we can get"!
off we all went, arms sticking out of these vans holding cell phone radios a-waving, talking. Off in a cloud of dust.
Slowly we all got closer. I could dimly hear someone telling other military about how the Kremlin needs to know.....

I got out of the van, miles later. this Thing is huge. like a grey wall with lights flashing inside of it. I began to slowly walk into it, visibility became nearly nothing. Then there was utter silence, i could not hear the jeeps and vans nor the men yelling.

then I heard a deep Voice, in English, a Voice the was *COMMAND AUTHORITY*

At that point i woke up.



I had this dream about a month ago. Reminds me of the "roadside picnic"
science fiction story!

If I had gone another few feet, what would have I then seen?! I have the feeling, folks, that whatever this Knowledge is, that is contained within this Area of cloud, this knowledge would invalidate every single conspiracy theory out there! that there might be Indeed some knowledge that no human being should ever know!!


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