Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some homeless are not homeless!

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many homeless are not homeless!

yes this image of the Tallahassee shelter, over 200 sleep there nightly and some people have lived here for over 15 years.
"Alone, all alone, no one can make it there all alone"!---the slogan on the mural.

But there are many many many people that I see, as i bus or walk around, who are"Homeless" even as they have a place to live in!
a live-in homeless person? Someone who has a nice apartment or lives with relatives.
but in their heart they are homeless.
either and all-above...
--no career.
--disability that limits a social life.
--deep psychological problems.
These are some of the things that make for my definition of a homeless person. I see them all of the time. Head droops as they walk, the cloud hangs over their heads: chronic depression. no proper lady will touch him, no man will woo her. she lives with he mother and is social inept to the max, probably will live with mama until mom dies.
"Jim" has attention deficit disorder big time. drugs only sicken him, so he is a moving motor and keeps a job for only a week. "Bill" has an IQ of 75 and he has washed dishes for about 20 years. "Susan" is epileptic and has a history of seizures even with drugs: no one will hire her.
"Larry" saw someone rape his 11 year old daughter and he killed the rapist on the spot. this got him 11 years pen time, no job for him now, he is a ex-con. he says to me, on the bus, "i killed him, wouldn't you"! [a true story, this.]
"Jim" the senior in my senior home. he has relatives from hell, they abandoned him.
millions of these souls, shambling, hobbling, toward the well of Samaria, where Jesus will save them all.

just think: no matter how talented you might be, there is someplace where you are not even invited to sit on the bench outside of their front door! in something, you and I are truly inept at, and will be judged and sentenced as Lacking!


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