Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the righteous Christan fundamentalist

I was reminded today of my blind friend in upstate new York.  here is a guy who knows the Bible more than most ministers, who can quote and write at length the Bible.  Very conservative and he uses words like....
"the retribution of the Lord"...
"righteousness and purity before the Lord"..
"America will PAY for its sins"!

I, when living there in my hometown and had coffee with him every day, I had just discovered a nice new rock band from eastern Canada, on my new computer, my first Internet.  They were all going next month to a college in Montreal to study computer game designing.  I loved one of their song plays.
when I told him about this group of kids, he say to me...
"they all got to do something between jail times"!

letdown:  deflated my happiness balloon a bit to hear that.

later, I heard that song on the radio.  then I read that some of their group went to jail over something......
----another happiness deflation: he was right!

months later.....he came into coffee shop and told me about his anger experience on the bus.  seems that he says that most of the drivers have it out for him, they do not like him or his huge seeing eye dog and he has to sit right behind the drivers in that handicapped seat.
   So today the bus driver curtly told him to curb his dog and keep it under control, this angered him greatly.  he sends off another fiery letter to the bus company.
A week later I was riding that very bus.  the conversation got around, I had with the man next to me, about this dog event of my blind friend. Suddenly another woman piped up, across the isle.
"I saw that", she says.....
"what this blind man could not see is that up ahead is a stop where at this time a very very frail old lady gets onto the bus and his dog had flopped all over the isle and the driver told this man to move his dog so that she could get on".

I felt sad for the blind friend.

suddenly  i Knew......
I knew that she was WRONG as she only SAW.

  the blind man HEARD!!

the hearing is where the Truth lay! 
     I have, over the past year, often talked with these drivers.  many of them are retired long haul truck drivers and their whole life is "work". long long hours and grueling driving.  many of these bus driver told me they need only three hours of sleep per night.  and that they HATE anyone who is on any kind of public assistance!   their life philosophy is..."i worked like a dog all of my life and jolly well everyone else needs to work like a dog also"!!
thus my blind friend is invalidating, to these drivers, their very way of life!  he does not work, he is on SSI and state disability with food stamps.  his very presence is Toxic to these drivers.  because..."work" is all that these drivers know, to judge themselves Worthy or not.  if the blind man could "get away" with having a happy life and not work, then these men are Shown Up big time, and their years of work becomes meaningless.  so they *have* to put this blind man down!

he has developed very good hearing.  He can hear the Tones of a sentence.  he can hear all of a person's entire life attitude in just once sentence uttered by someone!  Not matters even if the alphabet is recited;  the entire soul of the person is in this sound of the voice, the Tone of the voice.
   thus the lady on the bus only saw, but my friend heard!

--yet another case, case number 125-B, where I have to accept that someone who I would not feel comfortable with his life-philosophy, is found to be utterly RIGHT and that i am wrong and i have to accept that his life philosophy is the One to live by!!


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