Monday, March 28, 2011

rainclouds near sunset

rainclouds near sunset, originally uploaded by freestone.

rainclouds near sunset
far to the west lies a dying thundershower, the near-setting sun makes the underclouds have a tinge of yellow and purple. makes for a mysterious cloud image. From my fourth floor window.

off to the west is a dying thundershower. the left side of this cloud looks just like this right side, the anvil shield has been stretched out far to the east by a strong upper wind. here in North Florida, the daily high temps have been as high as near 90, this last week.
earlier today there was a tropical rain shower. "sprinkle to drench" within seconds! do not even walk to your car in the parking lot, at the first drops falling!
probably will be 35 degrees next week, at "little winter", that counterpart to "January thaw", about April 4 to 10th, weather goes back to early march, all over the east coast; maybe in these global warming sunactive times, all bets might be off!

Uploaded by freestone on 28 Mar 11, 6.40PM EDT.

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