Wednesday, March 16, 2011

oh Poor Japan.

ah, poor poor Japan.

------but as this nuclear thing cooks, the attention is diverted from the million or so people displaced by the disaster! this nuclear problem will occupy the Japanese psyche so much that the victims of the quake and the water will be partly ignored!

I suspect that one reason why the nuclear reactor problems so fills the minds of the Japanese people is that it takes their minds off of the
huge sufferings of so many of their people!
How does one grieve for a whole city? How can one grasp the magnitude of whole trains missing and rubble where so many people will never ever have a proper Shinto funeral?
in a "group mind" society, everyone is thus Touched by this.

better then to obsess over something else, another Real danger!
but like doing drugs, the "drug" of focusing upon the reactors only takes energy and attention away from doing anything about the ruined people and cities!
but then again, for many of these cities and towns, *what* could you do except to bulldoze everything into a rubble pile?!
what will the survivors do? in many countries, they will all have to move to big cities, to leave their ruins behind and add themselves to the vibrant urban mix that is a megalopolis. to begin with nothing, not even, for many, a family or clan, near them, as the clan might all be dead.

there will be more than Ghosts lingering around the ruins too, as these ruins shout at any visitor, "ye people, ye all are Humbled, anything you own is just dust in the wind, to be blown away at any moment"!

our world civilization is now an interdependent web. partly resilient up to a point, but when this web breaks, it could unravel the whole thing!

and what would happen if ALL six of the reactors melt down? or worse, if one blows up, taking all the rest with it. then vast radioactive clouds settle over Tokyo!

and the Japanese know that it is just a matter of time until the Next One!
I read that Tokyo itself is overdue for a Richter 9 !!

and that mt Fuji has shown recent signs of getting ready to erupt!


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