Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the homeless begging Place

the homeless begging Place, originally uploaded by freestone.
ah, the "homeless" again.
a never ending topic.
I see many homeless people, and outsiders too, fall into this category: a short story I once read, the remote villager somehow gets in contact with the hospital for plastic surgery on her face. This remote valley deep in Appalachia, no one much leaves, but this young lady wants to and somehow, perhaps the church, funds her to take a bus to this renowned hospital, the correct her ugly face.
when she walks into the doctor's office, along with her relatives and friends, the doctor sees a beautiful face! but all her relatives have a terrible ugly face, "inbreeding" maybe.

see....the normal in this valley is that ugly face and she is the only lady in this whole valley with a pretty face thus she is not socially accepted by many, there!

there is Jim, living in the woods, back in 1680, on the great plains, he would have been an incredible Indian game tracker. now he drinks to bury his depression, there is no more game to track.
Larry? why he went to Viet Nam, trained to be a warrior and now there is no more wars of his type around anymore. he has SSI psychological disability. useless in a board room or clerking in a state office.
Susie? she hears voices and dreams dreams of end times and earthquakes. her mind is flaky. too too bad she was not born in about 1880 when spiritualism and mediumship was in vogue! she needed Training so she could focus, then help people. Now she sits all day outside of the Shelter, singing to herself, Her vagina is huge, due to the hundred, or so, men who have sexed her, raped her, over the last few years!

You do not have to be in the homeless shelter to have this Problem either! I have seen, you have seen, people who chose the wrong career path and now they are just treading water awaiting the few more years until retirement. but the stress of trying to fit where they were not made *to* fit, have wrecked his health, thus when his retirement begins, instead of living a few of his childhood dreams, he begins, "medical management", too sick even to leave the nursing home for a day trip! then RIP!!


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