Sunday, March 13, 2011

the delicateness of the elderly!

hi all.

today at my senior home, the lady across the hall asked me *again* to adjust her thermostat.  she asks me about four times a week and I tell her the same thing,"turn off the fan, there is no heat when the outside temperature is over 55 degrees"!    She has asked me now for months, this.

slow onset senility.
some would say that she would be better off living in a Memory Home, a facility made just for people who have this condition.  I would disagree.  I would say, "keep her here as long as possible, in my Independent living apartment facility, let her live in her apartment".
now what i am going to say goes against every single grain of most new agers and intelligent people, but here it is.  As long as every day's routine is *exactly* the same and no surprises whatsoever, she can function.

I know of two seniors who moved here who died or had to go to nursing home, in three days, the utter stress of moving did them in!

habitual.  that is the word that saves.  "flexibility" or "be flexible" Kills and ruins seniors!!

the study of longevity of the mountain people from the Caucasus mountains, they often lived to be 110 years old, the Russian doctors found that it was not exercise or diet that gave to them this long life, it was the
 no-stress of getting up at the same time, eating at the same time, going to bed at the same time, each and every single day!

Oh, by the way, I read that some software companies will lay off people when they get to be 20 years old as they are not flexible enough anymore to work for the company!  They prefer 17 year old people best!
yipes.  "total flexibility", where each second of the day is open for complete change and one only plans second by second, ahead, is "life" to these people.  sorry, not for me, i will be an old fuddy-duddy and live conservative and staid!


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