Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the homeless begging Place

the homeless begging Place, originally uploaded by freestone.
ah, the "homeless" again.
a never ending topic.
I see many homeless people, and outsiders too, fall into this category: a short story I once read, the remote villager somehow gets in contact with the hospital for plastic surgery on her face. This remote valley deep in Appalachia, no one much leaves, but this young lady wants to and somehow, perhaps the church, funds her to take a bus to this renowned hospital, the correct her ugly face.
when she walks into the doctor's office, along with her relatives and friends, the doctor sees a beautiful face! but all her relatives have a terrible ugly face, "inbreeding" maybe.

see....the normal in this valley is that ugly face and she is the only lady in this whole valley with a pretty face thus she is not socially accepted by many, there!

there is Jim, living in the woods, back in 1680, on the great plains, he would have been an incredible Indian game tracker. now he drinks to bury his depression, there is no more game to track.
Larry? why he went to Viet Nam, trained to be a warrior and now there is no more wars of his type around anymore. he has SSI psychological disability. useless in a board room or clerking in a state office.
Susie? she hears voices and dreams dreams of end times and earthquakes. her mind is flaky. too too bad she was not born in about 1880 when spiritualism and mediumship was in vogue! she needed Training so she could focus, then help people. Now she sits all day outside of the Shelter, singing to herself, Her vagina is huge, due to the hundred, or so, men who have sexed her, raped her, over the last few years!

You do not have to be in the homeless shelter to have this Problem either! I have seen, you have seen, people who chose the wrong career path and now they are just treading water awaiting the few more years until retirement. but the stress of trying to fit where they were not made *to* fit, have wrecked his health, thus when his retirement begins, instead of living a few of his childhood dreams, he begins, "medical management", too sick even to leave the nursing home for a day trip! then RIP!!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some homeless are not homeless!

homeless 4, originally uploaded by freestone.

many homeless are not homeless!

yes this image of the Tallahassee shelter, over 200 sleep there nightly and some people have lived here for over 15 years.
"Alone, all alone, no one can make it there all alone"!---the slogan on the mural.

But there are many many many people that I see, as i bus or walk around, who are"Homeless" even as they have a place to live in!
a live-in homeless person? Someone who has a nice apartment or lives with relatives.
but in their heart they are homeless.
either and all-above...
--no career.
--disability that limits a social life.
--deep psychological problems.
These are some of the things that make for my definition of a homeless person. I see them all of the time. Head droops as they walk, the cloud hangs over their heads: chronic depression. no proper lady will touch him, no man will woo her. she lives with he mother and is social inept to the max, probably will live with mama until mom dies.
"Jim" has attention deficit disorder big time. drugs only sicken him, so he is a moving motor and keeps a job for only a week. "Bill" has an IQ of 75 and he has washed dishes for about 20 years. "Susan" is epileptic and has a history of seizures even with drugs: no one will hire her.
"Larry" saw someone rape his 11 year old daughter and he killed the rapist on the spot. this got him 11 years pen time, no job for him now, he is a ex-con. he says to me, on the bus, "i killed him, wouldn't you"! [a true story, this.]
"Jim" the senior in my senior home. he has relatives from hell, they abandoned him.
millions of these souls, shambling, hobbling, toward the well of Samaria, where Jesus will save them all.

just think: no matter how talented you might be, there is someplace where you are not even invited to sit on the bench outside of their front door! in something, you and I are truly inept at, and will be judged and sentenced as Lacking!


Monday, March 28, 2011

rainclouds near sunset

rainclouds near sunset, originally uploaded by freestone.

rainclouds near sunset
far to the west lies a dying thundershower, the near-setting sun makes the underclouds have a tinge of yellow and purple. makes for a mysterious cloud image. From my fourth floor window.

off to the west is a dying thundershower. the left side of this cloud looks just like this right side, the anvil shield has been stretched out far to the east by a strong upper wind. here in North Florida, the daily high temps have been as high as near 90, this last week.
earlier today there was a tropical rain shower. "sprinkle to drench" within seconds! do not even walk to your car in the parking lot, at the first drops falling!
probably will be 35 degrees next week, at "little winter", that counterpart to "January thaw", about April 4 to 10th, weather goes back to early march, all over the east coast; maybe in these global warming sunactive times, all bets might be off!

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Where I have just found [*again*] that I am not an instructor!

well well well, as i walked into my senior home for independent living, my Worst Help nightmare came up to me to ask for help.  A man who has had many strokes and does things like bring the soup for the pot luck dinner *in* a plastic grocery bag.
[not "wrapped in" but *in* a plastic bag, like he was bring a goldfish in water.]

the local paper had an article about two Buddhist retreat sites and he wanted me to help him on the upstairs dial up computer as he says, "they do not just come up"!

--imagine you being lead into the operating room and the surgeon hands you the scalpel and he says, I am going golfing, the patient is ready for the tumor removal at the base of his brain"!
--imagine walking into the cockpit of the 747 plane and the stewardess says that it is ready for takeoff and the
junior captain is sick so you have to take it off and fly it by yourself!
......this is his computer knowledge.
took a bit for him to *discover* that one needs to double click to open a shortcut to google on the desktop.
["it just does not come up"!!]

a half hour of Total Frustration, on my part.  
at 35k per second, dialup speed, at that!!

I managed to find two of his sites and there are many links and fanpages too.    two google windows open.
he can hardly use the "open in a new window" thingee either and when he does, he is clueless as to how
to find this page he opened.

so here I am, a sports car trying to drive, on a road where the speed limit is about 1/100th of a mile per hour, maybe 300 foot PER DAY!!
[i read how parades ruin cars as that slooooow speed overheats everything, as these cars slowly go along, in the parade.]

here again i realize that while his heart is in a good place, there is little that i can do with him or for him except do it ALL *for* him!  my way.  then give to him my results my way and my own interpretations, my own reviews and comments.  he be a pudding and i am the sauce.
or else.....
---he is totally lost.

as i left him in the computer room, i suggested he call those phone numbers, in the article.
probably i would then have to walk *with* him over using a phone too!

behind this man will soon be 10,000,000 more, the baby boomers getting older.
and...a "saint Teressa", and there are those people, even here in this building, will spend most of every single day every day of the month caring for someone.  the helper's own life does not even exist.
   I once talked to a neighbor over the man down the street.  he told me that in that 150 year old house lived a man and his mother and this man has spent his ENTIRE LIFE  caring for his disabled mother.
she now is 95 and he is 80.  the catholic church down the street considers him a living saint.  His whole life, no outside interests at all, just devoted to her.

the man, even here in this building, who Cares, why he has, for the last year, gone to spend most of the day caring for another resident.  I never see him except for when he comes down for church and i do not ever go as the perfumes bother my copd.

so I see that i will have to be "the bad guy" and not help this computer total illiterate man.
I utterly lack the patience too.

"just right mouse click to bring up the menu to open in a new window".
"right mouse click?"
"open in a new window"?
"why does nothing get typed in the google box when i type"?

"hey", i tell him, "a "-" is not a "_" when entering a name"!!

"you got to double-click to open a desktop icon". 
click.....[three seconds][two seconds]....."hey, you must click-click, like that"!
click.....three seconds.....scowls.
[again], "click click".
click...[two seconds]


poor guy.  takes him two hours to eat a meal.  20 minutes to walk 100 foot.
   I have sympathy, but there comes a point where i give up.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

down the Jungle trail, darkly

down the Jungle trail, darkly, originally uploaded by freestone.

down the Jungle trail, darkly
this used to be a city street. The city "disowned" it. too too short and unpaved.

So here it is, an alley with a subtropical jungle next to it. that is not a wall, to the right, it is merely vegetation. "escapes" native plants, who knows what is in here. Ferns, camphor tree,
This is only about five blocks from downtown.

Tallahassee, Florida, about 5 Pm on a march 26th.

while *you* might still have snow on the ground, now, you might not see the other side of this lush place: 100 days a year of 90 degrees or more, per year!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

dove in the garden

dove in the garden, originally uploaded by freestone.

dove in the garden
here at my Georgia belle apartments, behind is a small garden with a bird bath and feeder.

This small dove is almost tame enough to walk up to. Taken about 7 pm. Tallahassee, florida.

Many of the seniors like to birdwatch, but many of them just come out to smoke. Funny...often the smokers get more outside air and sun thean the non-smokers as one must smoke outside.

you can thank the smokers for all of those nice outdoor resturant patios

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the righteous Christan fundamentalist

I was reminded today of my blind friend in upstate new York.  here is a guy who knows the Bible more than most ministers, who can quote and write at length the Bible.  Very conservative and he uses words like....
"the retribution of the Lord"...
"righteousness and purity before the Lord"..
"America will PAY for its sins"!

I, when living there in my hometown and had coffee with him every day, I had just discovered a nice new rock band from eastern Canada, on my new computer, my first Internet.  They were all going next month to a college in Montreal to study computer game designing.  I loved one of their song plays.
when I told him about this group of kids, he say to me...
"they all got to do something between jail times"!

letdown:  deflated my happiness balloon a bit to hear that.

later, I heard that song on the radio.  then I read that some of their group went to jail over something......
----another happiness deflation: he was right!

months later.....he came into coffee shop and told me about his anger experience on the bus.  seems that he says that most of the drivers have it out for him, they do not like him or his huge seeing eye dog and he has to sit right behind the drivers in that handicapped seat.
   So today the bus driver curtly told him to curb his dog and keep it under control, this angered him greatly.  he sends off another fiery letter to the bus company.
A week later I was riding that very bus.  the conversation got around, I had with the man next to me, about this dog event of my blind friend. Suddenly another woman piped up, across the isle.
"I saw that", she says.....
"what this blind man could not see is that up ahead is a stop where at this time a very very frail old lady gets onto the bus and his dog had flopped all over the isle and the driver told this man to move his dog so that she could get on".

I felt sad for the blind friend.

suddenly  i Knew......
I knew that she was WRONG as she only SAW.

  the blind man HEARD!!

the hearing is where the Truth lay! 
     I have, over the past year, often talked with these drivers.  many of them are retired long haul truck drivers and their whole life is "work". long long hours and grueling driving.  many of these bus driver told me they need only three hours of sleep per night.  and that they HATE anyone who is on any kind of public assistance!   their life philosophy is..."i worked like a dog all of my life and jolly well everyone else needs to work like a dog also"!!
thus my blind friend is invalidating, to these drivers, their very way of life!  he does not work, he is on SSI and state disability with food stamps.  his very presence is Toxic to these drivers.  because..."work" is all that these drivers know, to judge themselves Worthy or not.  if the blind man could "get away" with having a happy life and not work, then these men are Shown Up big time, and their years of work becomes meaningless.  so they *have* to put this blind man down!

he has developed very good hearing.  He can hear the Tones of a sentence.  he can hear all of a person's entire life attitude in just once sentence uttered by someone!  Not matters even if the alphabet is recited;  the entire soul of the person is in this sound of the voice, the Tone of the voice.
   thus the lady on the bus only saw, but my friend heard!

--yet another case, case number 125-B, where I have to accept that someone who I would not feel comfortable with his life-philosophy, is found to be utterly RIGHT and that i am wrong and i have to accept that his life philosophy is the One to live by!!


Friday, March 18, 2011

a nice march 19th

a nice march 19th, originally uploaded by freestone.

a nice march 19th
a nice 7 Pm here in Tallahassee, florida. Reached 85 degrees today. the subtropics.
There are many older streets like this, overshadowed by live oak trees. there are hundreds of tiny wild areas, maybe only 20 X 20 feet in size, thick as a Jungle, in fact they *are* jungles.

In my hometown of Interlaken, ny, this scene might appear at the end of may!

most of the homes along this street date from 1850 to 1900.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

oh Poor Japan.

ah, poor poor Japan.

------but as this nuclear thing cooks, the attention is diverted from the million or so people displaced by the disaster! this nuclear problem will occupy the Japanese psyche so much that the victims of the quake and the water will be partly ignored!

I suspect that one reason why the nuclear reactor problems so fills the minds of the Japanese people is that it takes their minds off of the
huge sufferings of so many of their people!
How does one grieve for a whole city? How can one grasp the magnitude of whole trains missing and rubble where so many people will never ever have a proper Shinto funeral?
in a "group mind" society, everyone is thus Touched by this.

better then to obsess over something else, another Real danger!
but like doing drugs, the "drug" of focusing upon the reactors only takes energy and attention away from doing anything about the ruined people and cities!
but then again, for many of these cities and towns, *what* could you do except to bulldoze everything into a rubble pile?!
what will the survivors do? in many countries, they will all have to move to big cities, to leave their ruins behind and add themselves to the vibrant urban mix that is a megalopolis. to begin with nothing, not even, for many, a family or clan, near them, as the clan might all be dead.

there will be more than Ghosts lingering around the ruins too, as these ruins shout at any visitor, "ye people, ye all are Humbled, anything you own is just dust in the wind, to be blown away at any moment"!

our world civilization is now an interdependent web. partly resilient up to a point, but when this web breaks, it could unravel the whole thing!

and what would happen if ALL six of the reactors melt down? or worse, if one blows up, taking all the rest with it. then vast radioactive clouds settle over Tokyo!

and the Japanese know that it is just a matter of time until the Next One!
I read that Tokyo itself is overdue for a Richter 9 !!

and that mt Fuji has shown recent signs of getting ready to erupt!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

the delicateness of the elderly!

hi all.

today at my senior home, the lady across the hall asked me *again* to adjust her thermostat.  she asks me about four times a week and I tell her the same thing,"turn off the fan, there is no heat when the outside temperature is over 55 degrees"!    She has asked me now for months, this.

slow onset senility.
some would say that she would be better off living in a Memory Home, a facility made just for people who have this condition.  I would disagree.  I would say, "keep her here as long as possible, in my Independent living apartment facility, let her live in her apartment".
now what i am going to say goes against every single grain of most new agers and intelligent people, but here it is.  As long as every day's routine is *exactly* the same and no surprises whatsoever, she can function.

I know of two seniors who moved here who died or had to go to nursing home, in three days, the utter stress of moving did them in!

habitual.  that is the word that saves.  "flexibility" or "be flexible" Kills and ruins seniors!!

the study of longevity of the mountain people from the Caucasus mountains, they often lived to be 110 years old, the Russian doctors found that it was not exercise or diet that gave to them this long life, it was the
 no-stress of getting up at the same time, eating at the same time, going to bed at the same time, each and every single day!

Oh, by the way, I read that some software companies will lay off people when they get to be 20 years old as they are not flexible enough anymore to work for the company!  They prefer 17 year old people best!
yipes.  "total flexibility", where each second of the day is open for complete change and one only plans second by second, ahead, is "life" to these people.  sorry, not for me, i will be an old fuddy-duddy and live conservative and staid!


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Volga boatmen.

to me, goes right to the soul of Russia.

The "Song of the Volga Boatmen" (Russian: Эй, ухнем!) is a well-known traditional Russian song collected by Mily Balakirev, and published in his book of folk songs in 1866.[1] It is a genuine shanty sung by burlaks, or barge-haulers, on the Volga River. Balakirev published it with only one verse (the first). The other two verses were added at a later date. The song inspired Ilya Repin's famous painting, Barge Haulers on the Volga, which depicts the suffering of the burlaks in the depth of misery in Tsarist Russia.[citation needed]

The song was popularised by Feodor Chaliapin, and has been a favourite concert piece of bass singers ever since. Glenn Miller's jazz arrangement took the song to #1 in the US charts in 1941. Spanish composer Manuel De Falla wrote an arrangement of the song, which was published under the name Canto de los remeros del Volga (del cancionero musical ruso) in 1922.[2] He did so at the behest of diplomat Ricardo Baeza, who was working with the League of Nations to provide financial relief for the more than two million Russian refugees who had been displaced and imprisoned during World War I.[2] All proceeds from the song's publication were donated to this effort.[2

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