Thursday, February 10, 2011

tis work to be homeless

It is work to be homeless. First you arrive at the shelter, you are the new man, you get to sleep in the bunk no one wants. the Big Boys pick on you, worse, you are robbed or beaten. Of course you cannot sleep well with so many people crammed together.
or you sleep in the cold, alone, hoping to get warm or stay away from people who might bother you.
[sounds like Prison!]

then it takes a long time to find where to eat free, where to stay warm on cold days, where to hide, one mission might provide lunch, another might provide supper. then you have to face the signs!
"to our valued customers, if you drink only coffee there is a 30 minute sitting time"! you know who you are. You are looked down upon by the hard working conservatives.

lets not even go into booze, drugs, sex!

there is usually, in a large city, lots of help out there for you, counselors, programs, etc, but you have to learn where these are.

there are sometimes job programs where they want you to train with them and to "check in" once a day by person even if this place is on the edge of town and it takes nearly a day to check in and of course you cannot look for a job!

then there are the Meds and the psychological conditions.

You have got to have something within you that is larger than yourself. Like the Lord in your heart.

sometimes the hardest problem of getting away from being homeless is that some homeless people end up with a large circle of friends, even more of friends than of a working person and if you change to get your life in order, they are 'shown up", they have to face THEIR inner demons too and they do not want that so they want you to remain with them in Bonding and never leave being homeless, as they are invalidated if you leave to "get a life"!


Homeless people really have to work harder to be homeless then find a job and clean up their lives.

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