Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"homeless" the Tallahassee homeless shelter mural left end.

"homeless" the Tallahassee homeless shelter mural left end.
the Great Mural on the west wall of the tallahassee homeless shelter building, Tallahassee, Florida, usa.


That is the sentence painted on the wall.

I apologize for the strange canera angles, this mural is in a very difficult place to shoot a proper perspective! I had to stand right up next to this mural.

Please go to this Set, this mural set, to see the whole mural in its entire wall, as this mural is about 50 feet long. You then can see the mural, from let to right, in order sequence.

Yes, this mural I find very impressive.
There are all sorts of symbols here. That "statue of liberty" is really a Christian cross, and it is tipped in the same excact angle as the left hand's "beans" that make up a cross in the other great tallahassee mural, about three blocks away!

No one can make it to heaven alone, one needs Salvation and Angels, the Spirtual life of the Soul.

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