Friday, February 25, 2011

the sleeping old man

well today had an interesting moment.
I was in a "all you can eat" cafe and you pay after you eat, here at this place.

About part way through my meal, I noticed an old man come in and sit down, he had on his winter jacket even as the temperature outdoors was about 75 degrees.
He immediately fell asleep! when some of the servers asked if he was alright, when they left he fell asleep again. They called for someone, perhaps "dial-a-ride" to take him home. he left.
After I was finished and paid and walked out and walked the block to catch my bus, I saw him walking down the sidewalk with a large satchel in his hand, part asleep.

Suddenly I realized that I think it was him sitting on the steps of the church a week before, cigar in mouth and waiting for the secretary to come in.
Probably homeless and either he gets little sleep at night or something else.

I sort of could tell that he is not the nicest of people. Is he not-nice because he is 65+ and homeless or is he homeless because he is not-nice?!
also, probably he only has a 3rd grade education and might not be able to read. back in "his day" why no one needed beyond 8th grade, in the county next door that he might have come from. my city, Tallahassee, is claimed by the literacy council, to have 30 to 40 percent illiteracy!

--why if he has such, probably more "dysfunctional" than he is!! why even it might be that his family needs *him* to support *them*!
too, "post 1960", might not even exist for him!

so what is a feller to do? what can be done with these "fall through the cracks" people? probably only PURE Communism will do, for a social order, for one, and by "pure" I mean not one person *ever* thinking of himself
over the greater good of the collective!!

--a bit like that one kid in the grade school class who just cannot keep up with everyone else and if everyone delays their education just to help him, and this would be so, why no one would learn anything as it would take every single moment until summer to help this one kid!

there are many like him, of all ages and genders, here in Tallahassee.


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