Wednesday, February 09, 2011

the old ruined church

the old church, falling into ruin, the vines growing over it,
the bricks are falling out.

a metaphor.

here was once a church, full of life, full of happy worshippers;
people who Mattered and probably did wonderful things for the community,
but now they are all gone and even the old women of the ex-congregation,
do not come anymore, the door is open only to the squirrels
and the foxes.

I live at a senior home for Independent living. last Monday,
i went to the laundry room to wash my clothes and when I opened
the drier to put my clothes in, i noticed that the drier was full
of wet clothes! someone put in their stuff, and closed the door,
but did not turn this drier on, she probably was interrupted by
someone and then she left the room, utterly utterly forgetting that
she even had laundry!! Today, on Saturday, the clothes were finally
gone from the counter. six months ago someone put a pot on the stove
full of raw food and began to cook it then she went grocery shopping
for hours and then when the pot finally caught fire, the firemen put
it out!

Alzheimer's, senility.

Growing ever the older with "Senior moments", of this year, growing
into senior hours, next year, and then senior days
a few more years from then!

So if you walk into the lounge, at the Memory Center, at the Home for
mentally challenged seniors, here in Tallahassee, where i live, you
might see older people who cannot recall anything that happens to them
during the last few minutes, but they can tell you what they ate for
lunch on June 7th of 1932!

they are like that old church, that i wrote of!

One cannot measure and judge a ruined old church by the moment
of your seeing the ruins, one should judge this building by the
"high water mark" of its years, when their were revivals and
singing and hugs and church social dinners!
people too!

So here is maybe an old man who, like of my very father, who was a
Blacksmith and a story-teller, in his prime years, why he could talk
for four hours and you do not say one world and when he finished
talking and had to leave; when he left, someone would say out loud,
for everyone around that cafe table,
he spoke...."too bad he had to leave, i wanted more"!
[this really was said about my father!]
But when my father was in the Home, after five strokes,
Dementia took over, and he had no memory at all of the last
twenty years!
so here is an old man who drools and cannot remember your name
no matter how many times you tell him, and that maybe he would
not even recognize his own wife if she were to walk in; an old man
who lived an Incredible life, a life that you cannot know from
his own tellings. Like of seeing a dry river bed during the dry
years, but this river is measured by its high water times!

So everyone had an incredible life, of some sort, once,
a "high water mark" of their years; one cannot see this in
the Sunset of their years, though.

But the soul lives after death: in heaven only the right answers
Count, thus every Good Thing that this man did, during his life,
is there in heaven for him when he arrives, soon.

so here i have yet more respect and sympathy for the
Alzheimer's elderly, especially when I see the Sun Setting right
before my eyes, month by month, year by year.

do not put off until tomorrow, your Dreams of today, please.
Not only are *you* growing older, but our culture is too, let
alone this Global Warming world! Our "good times" may come to
an end soon, and that trip to, say, England, will not be possible
then due to not only maybe your failing health, but to the Politics
of war or the sheer Cost of a ticket during Depression-times!
Even our Planet grows old, Yellowstone could erupt, the veritable
End Times could come soon, 2012 lurks!
so dance you dance of life, NOW, before it is too too late!
grow your soul now, before the "soul-drought" times come!

do all of the worshipping, praying, church socials, huggings, singings,
now, when the Church is still in good condition, get the very Most out
of this church, before everyone leaves and the janitor sweeps the
floor for the very last time!!

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