Monday, February 28, 2011

Mother Mary apparition, or, a T-shirt.

Mother Mary apparition, or, a T-shirt.

I repeat my self here with this Apparition of mother mary that might only just be a T-shirt that happened to fall just right, upon the ledge.

I stuffed a large T-shirt between two sliding glass window panels to keep the wind from rattling these panels. Later, the T-shirt fell down upon the ledge.
This is thus what the shirt looks like.
Looks to me like Mother Mary, or at least an Angel! a Form superimposed upon a shirt.

Is this Real?

this image is another Look at this Thing, another light.
I had been watching, here on yutube, many Russian videos of Orthodox chants. I have been exposed to Icons.

But I will have to live with this, what does She mean for me?!

All this reminds me of the articles about Mother Mary in a taco or on a cheese sandwich! If I take this to be real, I might have to make changes in my life!!


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