Thursday, February 24, 2011

guadian angel? How about Mother Mary?!

guadian angel? How about Mother Mary?!
Domovoi ? or guardian angel? How about Mother Mary?!

[another image taken in the morning, of this enigmatic figure]
--or Guardian angel, I am beginning to think that this looks like Mother Mary!
Seriously, "all that this is", is where I stuffed an old T-shirt up between the glass, to keep a windstorm from rattling the glass and bothering my sleep. The shirt fell down to where you see it, here.

I have NOT Arranged or touched this figure, this is what it fell to, when it fell out of the crack, above, between the sliding panes..

I have seen on youtube and in other photos, some of the Russian culture from old Slavic days and there every house has one of these Domovoi in residence. an old man? maybe as this place is my bedroom, in the USA, opposite from Russia, the figure is a lady.

or am i just imagining this? looks interesting, anyways.

Domovoi - Russian House Spirit

I would prefer this to look like Mother Mary Herself. I even left, later, an "offering" on a small plate, of food to Her!

Mother Mary facing my bed, where I sleep, I will use this thing as an "exhorter", to exhort and to inspire me to think and to feel good thoughts, only, in my Apartment, as She is Watching, always!


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