Tuesday, February 22, 2011

can you get out of the society-given box of soul-death?!

hi all.

I do not like what I feel is coming.

Can you get out of the 'box" of the collective unconsciousness?!

Way back when, around 1965, when I was living in New York City, Greenwich east, in the student house was someone I knew who had a close friend who was writing a book. A book that probably was never printed and it was way *way* ahead of its time.
the idea he had was the the collective unconsciousness of the human race Drove us all, and "corrected" when ever the need arose to fix a "problem" with the human race.
population increase? ---start a war!
--or have a new disease.
Things like that. He stated that if, say, a war was "needed", everyone will want this war, "peaceniks", peace loving people, does not matter: they all will reach for their guns and enlistment papers!
Because It Is Time For War!!

I see the writing on the wall, just reading the papers of late.
I see what is "wanted" by the drift of the economy and the politics.

Basically the costs of living should rise to the max and that the benefits of social security and salaries should be minimized and that up to one half of the currant jobs should be eliminated!
the state of Wisconsin and Florida, I predict, will, in their belt tightening, will be seen as not doing *enough*; they need to austerity even much much greater!!
10$ gal gasoline? this is the price of seeing every single Mideastern country have individual freedom for each citizen.

so what saves this post from being just another rant against the machine?

One of the reason why so much problems with our economy and politics is that for MOST of the people in power, the highest values in life is to make lots of money and thus money, and its power, becomes the Pole star that most people's value system compass is aimed at!

the collective unconsciousness is telling me this: that the cost of living will really now zoom high and the wages and benefits will minimize as much as they can get it to. then the only way out, like in the late 1930s, will be a huge world war [III] and everyone in the world will be an actor and away it goes, everyone will want this war.

can you step out of this Box that most people are in.

more and more people are getting angry, angry over just this sort of stuff. at my senior home I hear the bitches all of the time. this coffee club morning, just only 30 minutes ago, they were talking about their pacemakers in their chests. the cost of these puppies is now pushing $100,000!

there is another more vaster crisis that only the Seerers and astral adepts might know about! that as people die, especially if they die
via the earthquakes and the volcanoes, more and more of these upheavals now will occur as the very ground begins to become in harmony with the anger of everyone so that
anger = earthquakes,
people die even before their time to die and when they find out that there is a heaven they also find out that they cannot function in it!
thier whole lives did not train them a bit, to live in any "good" heaven!!

This is a young and baby soul world, folks, thus "possessions and $$$$" is the focus of young soul curriculum stage. but $$$$ is not what heaven is about!!

I can see this among the living, here on earth every day, very easy. I spend an hour with the seniors who lived in the 1920s to 1950s, then take a bus to the Border's coffee shop, a place full of students and grad students working on their doctor's degree, the tables are covered with incredible magazines about art, culture, politics, technology, things that
no senior can even understand at all! what would a 80 year old rural farmer know about and appreciate about a magazine that is focused upon fantasy and fantasy fiction?!

do you get an idea as to the "vast gap" between a young business man walking toward his office as the Richter 8 quake takes him out and then he finds that he is now surrounded by temples of poetry , art, music, healing, and Pure Communism is the economy?

---these poor souls will end up being ranked a "fail" grade and unless spirit has a rescue plan for there souls, they will find out that there is also a few not nice places in the spirit lands; they will have to live there for a Looooong time!

when all the Lemmings are marching to the cliff, with their value systems of Living Death, can you leave them, step out of this box, and follow your soul's calling, *WHATEVER* this is?!

there is a secular analogy for this:
at my University there used to be a table set up, at the courtyard of the student center, around noon. There, sat a local preacher and the table had lots of Bible tracts on it. He mission, there, was to introduce the students to accepting Jesus as one's Savior and to have the Holy Spirit become one's life guide.
I can now see why most students walk quickly away in disgust!
These kids are just getting away from home and want to sow their oats, to try out new things and to make lots of money upon graduation and to not be told what to do. Jesus is all about being told what to do!!
In fact, what such a student might fear the most, from accepting Jesus, is that he will be Told to sell and to give away everything and to go to divinity school so to become a missionary in a 3rd world country for life!!
[I once met a couple, eating their last western meal, in MacDonald's. at 8 am, tomorrow, they will fly to India to become missionaries there.
they met in divinity school and got married and their calling was just to do this; be missionaries!! there ARE people who are such called!]

so most people will have to learn-by-doing, thus the only way to get a kid, say, to get "beyond comic books" is to give to him many many comic books so that he gets weary of them.

since 80% of us are young souls, our politic system and our $$$ "greed" mentality, should even be encouraged to max out this lesson, and yes, with the consequences too!

but you, old old soul, if you are old, you do not have to go down with the ship! and no...do not automatically join with vegans who live in communes in the countryside either, as then you merely joining yet *another* thought form collective group of "Lemmings", stuck in another box and they will judge you terribly if you do not follow their particular type of dogma to the tiny details!!

so you must 'get in touch' with your soul and spirit and let it tell you what is best for you.

otherwise, the collective unconsciousness Program will Run!
--max the cost of living like $8 gas and $30,000 for a uninsured medical procedure and seeing a roll of toilet paper go up another $1!
--remove all the benefits of pensions and "extras", try to reduce everyone's salary to minimum wage and reduce all jobs so that the national unemployment is about 40%!
--a neck and neck "race" to see if WW III will happen before or after the 100 volcanoes and the Richter 8-plus three-times weekly quakes, take us all out, as the earth "responds" to all of the anger that seethes every the more in everyone, all over the world, as Pluto in Capricorn will disembowel every single government.

if you, old soul, cannot leave the box, you will be a part of the Program!!

earth is just a training ground for heaven.


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