Friday, February 11, 2011

bicyclers and pedestrians: does not work!

bicyclers and pedestrians.

today for the 873rd time, some whiz kid on a bicycle zoomed by me on the sidewalk at about 20 mph, inches away from me!

he is treating me like many car drivers treat bicyclers!!

In the 870-odd cycle people who zoomed by, just how many had a bell to ding as they came near me?. I think one or two yelled at me to warn me, all others just zoomed by.

they do not think! I startle very very easy. usually they pass me between the sidewalk and the road, why i fear some day i will react to their coming up to me and i will whip out my arm in self-protection and hit them, send the biker out into traffic and into the path of a 16-wheeler truck.

bloody people-burger!! bump, grind, crunch, squoosh, pop!

get a BELL!!


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