Thursday, January 13, 2011

why do they always do this outside my window?

why do they always do this outside my window?
the yellow machine just in front of the car on the left!

This is a type of machine where they insert into the ground, rods, to dig a 200 foot hole parallel the the ground two feet deep. then they can insert like of a pipe so they do not have to dig a trench.
Makes lot of noise, probably there for days. Why do they always seem to Position these things exactly outside of my bedroom window? Good thing they leave at night!

I post this "ordinary" picture just so that I can show people that "they" do indeed seem to place noisemakers the closest to my window that they can! But I guess it has been proved, that "NOISE IS LIFE"! Studies have shown that lab rats raised in a 100% quiet envirnment often quickly die!

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