Sunday, January 09, 2011

some prophecies are real

some prophecies *are* Real!
Here was One that was real!

hi all.

the date was early November of 1986. I had just arrived at my aunt's, in upstate new York, driving 1200 miles up from Florida, to go see my father in Intensive care. He turned 72 last month and for over the last ten years he turned against me after his wife's sudden death, the shock pushed him over the edge. A few years ago, he had some type of religious experience, and this prompted him to make amends with me.
He lived through this third stroke, and he lived another year, dying at age 73, dying on Christmas day. We had a wonderful reunion, there, in the care unit; and I saw him often in the Home, over the months.

One day his friend told me, "you know, freestone, about his wife's dream, don't you"?!
I told him that i never heard of it from my mother.

he then told me the dream.....
----ten years before she died, she had a vision dream where that she was shown that she would be killed at dusk as the red sports car came over the hill in her lane, but that husband Dudley would live until he was 72"!
[I had the feeling, people, even then, that she was Shown this, not told this; that she was shown a "movie"
of the whole thing, as if some time travel cameras had gone ahead and then came back.]

*NOW* I knew why she, around March through fall, of every year, from 1967 to 1975, when ever I came up to see her and get mail and have supper, often, why she *delighted* in opening up a cupboard door to point out to me all of the ridiculous predictions that the
"top ten psychics predict the year ahead for 19XX". produced. Cut out sheets of these articles were hidden on the backside of the cupboard door.
Mostly these came from the scandal sheets newspapers in the grocery store.

totally wrong.
All of them!

I could do better with a dartboard with lists of possibilities.
From total cure of lupus to UFO sightings to end times, all utterly wrong.

I did not detect, then, that the "extra" energy she was putting into this putting down of all psychics had a personal meaning for her.
For, If they ALL are wrong, then her own would be wrong too!!


early October of 1975, she was driving at dusk and
that red sports car came over the hill in her lane at 120 MPH!!

there ARE prophecies that are engraved in titanium steel! That heaven and earth will Move to make them come True!

I just wanted to say this here, in this 2012 prediction section.
this forum has many many predictions for the 2011 2012 times and while many will not happen, there might be a Real One among the bunch!

I wonder....
I wonder why my mother's was so real and true. How could she get such a vision? what does this say about Free Will, if one accepts that her vision was real?

father lived until he was 73. was she wrong in this?
Spirit gave to father one more year so that he could make amends with his son, as he forgave me and himself, and thus his "repentance-mind", before I came up to see him, allowed him to live a bit longer. He died on the day of Gifts, his gift of that one more year.

thus the moral is, here, that even a "titanium steel" vision might be changed or delayed a bit too!
and...while the "Lord" did the delaying, it was father who made the first action to begin this process of the one year delay. Thus even "little" me or you, in prayer and meditation and resolve, might change some of the "negative" possible outcomes of "2012"!!

--and that is the Moral of my little story here tonight, people.

thank you....freestone

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