Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Rick Scott gov. of Florida

Today's the day Rick Scott, an insurgent Republican and political newcomer, becomes Florida's 45th governor.
Scott and Lt. Gov.-elect Jennifer Carroll are scheduled to take their oaths of office on the steps of the Old Capitol around noon. They will do so under almost ideal weather conditions, predicted National Weather Service forecaster Jeff Fournier. [quote]

the truck of politics takes a hard turn to the right. very right. Might even pitch off some people from the back of this truck, as the schools get hit with cuts, and social programs wilt for lack of fundings!

In Haiti I read that a reporter found the village elders cutting down the very last tree in the village or out of the village for miles. the only way this village can earn money is to sell charcoal to the cities.
"why are you cutting down the last tree, don't you think of tomorrow"?
He replies,
...."but our children are hungry today"!!


I have actually read that in times of colder climate periods, the politics take a hard turn to the Right, to conservatism. I see this coming. just ask the elderly about school taxes! many would insta-kill the whole public school system, as they are royally sick sick of paying school taxes!

so put yourself in an old person's shoes. the cost of the 5 prescription drugs go up up up, the food costs go sky-high, her son just got laid off and cannot give to her more money and *then* she gets her school tax bill!!
*automatic vote for Scott, haaaaaaannds down!!!".

the other day, folks, I walked by the breakfast cereal row, at the supermarket. these boxes now are INCREDIBLY thin! Then i discovered that the toilet paper is now made less wide.

they are cheapening everything to death!!

they have to: no one could afford the real Cost anymore.

maybe it is indeed Time to go back to Values, purity and all that!

this will not be a good time for educators, maybe. a hard hard right turn.

so everyone: take charge of your own education of your kids. the "right" would say that it is time for the individual. no more leftest social actions for the collective.


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