Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my 3 yr weather predictions for the USA southeast, then 2012 beyond.

hi all.

my 3 year weather prediction for the USA Southeast, January 2011 to
spring 2014. And beyond, too!

Yes, after another dull Grey cold day here in Tallahassee, Florida, I Feel now the oncoming seasons for the next three or more years.

So far, December 2011 was the very coldest on record, for this city, and the 3rd coldest month of all time. so much for global warming, here!

between my own spiritual experiences and overhearing an old "country boy" on the bus talk about things of climate-to-come, here is my prediction!

[this Country man from the next door rural county, the type of county where if the local schools get a "D" rating, everyone claps their hands with joy as for this year the school ratings are so so much better than the years before!
this country "boy" talked non-stop for five bus miles, talking in a very emotional tone and giving someone his opinion on proper medicine to take, what to wear, the weather to come, he is probably right on all accounts and if you were to listen to his 5-hour "harangue", and followed his advice to the letter, your life would probably improve 300%!]

for the rest of this 2011 winter, the sky "wants" to remain cloudy. clouds will cover the sun at the very slightest weather excuse and remain Grey skies for the rest of the week. lots of rain and never ending damp cool and cold. the sun never really comes out much: take lots of vitamin D!

probably will be the overall coldest winter in 40 years!
Not "cold" as in low temperature records, but "cold" in the never ending daily grind of a high of 28 to 45 and foggy cloudy damp: whatever temp the thermometer says, the thermometer LIES!!

the kind of winter where it would be "best" to act as if you had just gotten out of the hospital after 20 days of being there and now you have a nice warm place to recover in. a stove, a fireplace, a good book, a meditation corner and lots of fattening good food to eat: the outdoors will not exist as a place to feel happy in!

a very good time to do lots of reading and to gain 20 pounds and to
not go outdoors much and to make friends with you inner past and your childhood and heal internally. pay little attention to the outer world! a Time to get Right with God and Your Soul and your childhood from hell or heaven, to Understand the people and events that hurted you from birth.

Cultivate Love, Truth, Goodness.

spring 2011 will be changeable and stormy. lots of tornadoes for the southeast. then as May approaches, this rain starved-for-the-last-20-years, southeast, will have a royal surprise!
the rainy season, June till late September, has been very weak, for the last 15 to 30 years.

by the middle of may the Monsoon time will return, this country boy said that the monsoon travels all over the world and stays in one place for three to seven to ten years.
So now it is OUR turn! 8 to 30 inches of rain PER MONTH, June to October!
Will be "northeast Australia time" for the southeast. have your flood insurance MAXED, if you live where water reaches or *almost* reaches! and if the old timers tell you that "the water has never gotten so high that it floods your...." : RUN, not walk, to your flood insurance agents!!
there will be lots and lots of tropical depressions, tropical storms, and, yes, Hurricanes! many many many....
This monsoon will begin in middle May and last until early November.

the winter of 2012/13 will maybe be the WARMEST in 40 years! but very wet and damp and cloudy.

summer of 2012 will see the monsoon.

winter of 2013 will be warm and wet.
summer of 2013 will see the monsoon.
winter of 2014 will also be warm and wet.
summer of 2014 will see the monsoon.

the Appalachian peoples: watch out for 30 inch rain tropical storms, in the mountains! 500 year rainfall in those valleys!!

----beyond this, the 2012 changes begin.

[a whole another topic, another maybe post: that in the last "Baktun", the last major Aztec calender roll-over, around 1490 AD, that smaller "civilization change cycle"], the Changes began *AFTER* the roll-over time of the calender. that Spaniards came soon after and it took 100 years before the dust settled into Spanish Mexico.
thus I suspect that not much will happen, in the 2012 earthchanges thing, until summer of 2014!! *then* the S hits the fan.

And..recall that when the 9th Avatar came, Jesus Christ, the Roman empire actually had its finest hours 150 years LATER than 33 AD!
thus the major changes , again, happened after.]

From several accounts from friends and from other sources, people experiencing their future incarnations, there is this "mysterious" thing where many of them are in South America. I feel that this will be so as the ice age will have begun, soon Europe and Canada will have to move elsewhere, the ice age is, from what i read, long long overdue and i think that man's global warming influences, over the last 3000 years, have delayed the ice age, but soon the Strength of the ice age influences will overwhelm man's warmings. Canada and north USA will have to invade Mexico and central America, i guess. Atlanta could be the metroplex of the North, 100,000,000 people will live from Atlanta to Jacksonville, Fla; and every inch of soil settled with people or farmed, in the southeast!

so when the 2014 changes begin, all of your "getting Right with God and your soul" will pay off; you did your Homework during those cloudy winters! could be "ascension time" for many people and Now your soul will be more ready for heaven, the new heaven!!


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