Friday, January 28, 2011

dreaming other people's lives

hi all.

the other day, I realized just how many of my nightly dreams have it where I am dreaming another person's life! least I am using his life images as if I was that person.

---from an email describing such a dream, the dream of a few days ago.

oh last night's dreams.

there were two that i recall.
both of them I was someone else. again. as usual.
maybe both dreams were with the same man, i cannot tell.

1...I am in Interlaken my home town. in these dreams of interlaken, , during the last few years, I Have Learned. learned that *any* small town will be my interlaken. i have now begun to dream other people's lives SO much,during the last few years that maybe 80% of my dreams, or more, are this!!

here I am in my small interlaken. I am depressed and bored! the sky is grey and dark and i know that the sun shines only a few hours a day IF it comes through the clouds. tis late fall, nearly snow time.

I live in a small house, no tv, no radio, no books. sometimes I wander over to the one small town pub, the social center of this rural town. the trees are leafless and the houses are all 1950s and 60s, maybe earlier, and small.

the pub is crowded always and people often sit on benches against the wall.

..... dream hours of feeling depressed and bored, stuck in a small town out in the middle of nowhere.

I walk by a small building and i see it is the School. there are young kids, mostly boys 7 to 10 years old, out playing under a roof awning at the side of the school.

[at least there are kids here, i had the feeling in the dream that sometimes i go into this school and "help" out the teachers. the town itself might be well and alive and a nice place to live, but i am depressed!]

end of that dream.

but as i wake up, i recall vividly the boys. about four or six boys with more children hidden back deeper under the roof, the boys were doing 7 year old boy things, like wrestling. I noted that they all looked to be of one race and culture and I have an instant recognition as to what culture and country these boys are from, from just a dozen videos, alone; and thus where this town is.


these kids are Russian children, I am dreaming of some older man, *being* that man, in a small Russian village;  he is bored, there is little to do here and winter is near.


I am somewheres outdoors under a colored dim sky. partly blue but also orange as near sunset. a dim sky that says, "high latitude".

I see a building up ahead of me, made of wood, a storage shed. to my left is a two floor wooden building that has the window-looks of a dorm or barracks.

I look wistfully at the sky and look off to the west longingly, imagining how my friends, family, home, is "over there" far far away to the west.

all of this out in an open grassy area that looks mowed.


 i am pretty sure from that wooden building alone that i am either,

--in the army.

--in a Gulag.

--in one of those "work camps" that Kruskeiv, and others, advertised, "go east young man to Siberia and get good wages and build the motherland": where may young men went there to work to build railroads and buildings.

I have dreamed of being in Russia, now, for years, as well as in dozens of other places over the world, living other people's dreams.


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  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    There are many Russian clairvoyants... perhaps these are memories entangled in "time"?