Saturday, January 01, 2011

cheaping everything to death

cheaping everything to death, originally uploaded by freestone.

cheaping everything to death
they are cheapening everything to death! Smaller packaging, cheaper materials and other ways to cut costs.

Here is Scott toilet paper. the older paper and the new paper. A picture is indeed worth a 1000 words! But they are only doing what all other toilet paper companies do! I wish they would just go ahead and raise the prices, on items. But then no one would buy them as the sticker shock would be too too much. $4.00 for a candy bar? $2.00 for one roll of toilet paper?
No wonder the younger people embrace socialism or even Communism, forgetting that it is the greedy individuals and companies, not the system, that drives up prices! The same greed problem ruined Communism for Russia as the "good old boys" wanted it all, there too.
At this rate a candy bar will have just one bite in it and *still* will cost $2.89!

the 2012 world will maybe end, at this rate, by having all our products fail at once, as by then they will be made so cheaply that they will not last. think: hospital equipment, cars, food, clothes.

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