Tuesday, January 04, 2011

another cafe I cannot eat in, MCS

hi all.

Another place I had to leave, another cafe where they decided to make it look better, I have multiple chemical sensitivities.
They put in this here plastic "wax" floor covering. looks so shiny and nice but oh the smell and the nose, sinus, lung irratations!
Today I talked to the workers there, they all admit that the smell is strong and it was done "last week" during xmas vacation. Looks like six months, people before I can comfortably go again!

My sister was the same way, a wheel chair lady in her office had more "access" than she did to social activities!

ah the small lament of hidden disibilities. no one sees them, like of the red-tipped cane person or the wheelchair person!

and chemicals are the way of life nowadays.

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