Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ah, my Multiple chemical sensitivities!

hi all.

yes, multiple chemical sensitivities, or MCS for short.

you know who you are. you look healthy on the outside, no one knows that you have less of a social life than of many people who have canes and wheelchairs! You do not wear a nametag saying "MCS, please no perfumes"!

Every once in a while I am reminded of my condition.
[normally I am OK as long as I do not step on the "mine" in life's minefield, the "mine" being some chemical in the air.]

I have a favorite cafe for my lunch and it is in the auditorium of the Episcopal church.  A gourmet cafe. the whipped cream on the deserts is Real!
Over the Christmas break, they put down on the auditorium floor a "polyethylene" shiny floor covering.
The first week that they opened back up, after new years, I was greeted with 1200 sq feet of this stuff!
Oh some of the smell outgassed a bit, over the two weeks I stayed away, but the other day that I went, I found that my inner nose lining was so irritated that even after I left, 25 minutes exposure, my nose was "over-reactive" to all scents, all the rest of the day and even today, the next day!
   How long will this stuff bother me?  A whole month?  for a year maybe, i think.  better yet,

never go back there again!!

Naturally, I am the only person so affected.  so this is MY problem.  As far as church itself is concerned, i stay away away: church is a toxic substance!

I do not wince a bit when I tell someone that I have a disability rating from the Veterans people!  I often walk several miles in a day, but I betcha that I have far far less social accesses to places and events than of most wheelchair or blind people!
[I have walked out of two music events, here where I live, in my senior home, just this month alone, too too much perfumes!]

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