Friday, January 28, 2011

dreaming other people's lives

hi all.

the other day, I realized just how many of my nightly dreams have it where I am dreaming another person's life! least I am using his life images as if I was that person.

---from an email describing such a dream, the dream of a few days ago.

oh last night's dreams.

there were two that i recall.
both of them I was someone else. again. as usual.
maybe both dreams were with the same man, i cannot tell.

1...I am in Interlaken my home town. in these dreams of interlaken, , during the last few years, I Have Learned. learned that *any* small town will be my interlaken. i have now begun to dream other people's lives SO much,during the last few years that maybe 80% of my dreams, or more, are this!!

here I am in my small interlaken. I am depressed and bored! the sky is grey and dark and i know that the sun shines only a few hours a day IF it comes through the clouds. tis late fall, nearly snow time.

I live in a small house, no tv, no radio, no books. sometimes I wander over to the one small town pub, the social center of this rural town. the trees are leafless and the houses are all 1950s and 60s, maybe earlier, and small.

the pub is crowded always and people often sit on benches against the wall.

..... dream hours of feeling depressed and bored, stuck in a small town out in the middle of nowhere.

I walk by a small building and i see it is the School. there are young kids, mostly boys 7 to 10 years old, out playing under a roof awning at the side of the school.

[at least there are kids here, i had the feeling in the dream that sometimes i go into this school and "help" out the teachers. the town itself might be well and alive and a nice place to live, but i am depressed!]

end of that dream.

but as i wake up, i recall vividly the boys. about four or six boys with more children hidden back deeper under the roof, the boys were doing 7 year old boy things, like wrestling. I noted that they all looked to be of one race and culture and I have an instant recognition as to what culture and country these boys are from, from just a dozen videos, alone; and thus where this town is.


these kids are Russian children, I am dreaming of some older man, *being* that man, in a small Russian village;  he is bored, there is little to do here and winter is near.


I am somewheres outdoors under a colored dim sky. partly blue but also orange as near sunset. a dim sky that says, "high latitude".

I see a building up ahead of me, made of wood, a storage shed. to my left is a two floor wooden building that has the window-looks of a dorm or barracks.

I look wistfully at the sky and look off to the west longingly, imagining how my friends, family, home, is "over there" far far away to the west.

all of this out in an open grassy area that looks mowed.


 i am pretty sure from that wooden building alone that i am either,

--in the army.

--in a Gulag.

--in one of those "work camps" that Kruskeiv, and others, advertised, "go east young man to Siberia and get good wages and build the motherland": where may young men went there to work to build railroads and buildings.

I have dreamed of being in Russia, now, for years, as well as in dozens of other places over the world, living other people's dreams.


Monday, January 24, 2011

my new weblog


I have decided that I should keep this life after blog focused on things of spirit and spiritualism, more.

I always have wanted more to post topics about politics and society, especially since I did not die when the Guides told me that I would, back in 2003/4, by showing to me incredible "death preparation" dreams, then They told me that I have an extension!
  But topics of rants and politics and such I really did not want to have here.

So I finally created another blog just for comments about our life today, environmental issues and sickness and politics and the like

please take a look and subscribe.

thank you, freestone

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ah, my Multiple chemical sensitivities!

hi all.

yes, multiple chemical sensitivities, or MCS for short.

you know who you are. you look healthy on the outside, no one knows that you have less of a social life than of many people who have canes and wheelchairs! You do not wear a nametag saying "MCS, please no perfumes"!

Every once in a while I am reminded of my condition.
[normally I am OK as long as I do not step on the "mine" in life's minefield, the "mine" being some chemical in the air.]

I have a favorite cafe for my lunch and it is in the auditorium of the Episcopal church.  A gourmet cafe. the whipped cream on the deserts is Real!
Over the Christmas break, they put down on the auditorium floor a "polyethylene" shiny floor covering.
The first week that they opened back up, after new years, I was greeted with 1200 sq feet of this stuff!
Oh some of the smell outgassed a bit, over the two weeks I stayed away, but the other day that I went, I found that my inner nose lining was so irritated that even after I left, 25 minutes exposure, my nose was "over-reactive" to all scents, all the rest of the day and even today, the next day!
   How long will this stuff bother me?  A whole month?  for a year maybe, i think.  better yet,

never go back there again!!

Naturally, I am the only person so affected.  so this is MY problem.  As far as church itself is concerned, i stay away away: church is a toxic substance!

I do not wince a bit when I tell someone that I have a disability rating from the Veterans people!  I often walk several miles in a day, but I betcha that I have far far less social accesses to places and events than of most wheelchair or blind people!
[I have walked out of two music events, here where I live, in my senior home, just this month alone, too too much perfumes!]

Saturday, January 15, 2011


ScreenShot1, originally uploaded by freestone.

Is this wonderful near-real shot from a game?!
Oblivion with mods, mostly Qarls textures, the high quality, not "redimaized"!

looks so rea that one might just like to jump into that water for a Swim. The clouds and distance looks real too. I am not in this world to fight monsters, though I will with OOO!

Uploaded by freestone on 15 Jan 11, 8.11PM EST.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

why do they always do this outside my window?

why do they always do this outside my window?
the yellow machine just in front of the car on the left!

This is a type of machine where they insert into the ground, rods, to dig a 200 foot hole parallel the the ground two feet deep. then they can insert like of a pipe so they do not have to dig a trench.
Makes lot of noise, probably there for days. Why do they always seem to Position these things exactly outside of my bedroom window? Good thing they leave at night!

I post this "ordinary" picture just so that I can show people that "they" do indeed seem to place noisemakers the closest to my window that they can! But I guess it has been proved, that "NOISE IS LIFE"! Studies have shown that lab rats raised in a 100% quiet envirnment often quickly die!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my 3 yr weather predictions for the USA southeast, then 2012 beyond.

hi all.

my 3 year weather prediction for the USA Southeast, January 2011 to
spring 2014. And beyond, too!

Yes, after another dull Grey cold day here in Tallahassee, Florida, I Feel now the oncoming seasons for the next three or more years.

So far, December 2011 was the very coldest on record, for this city, and the 3rd coldest month of all time. so much for global warming, here!

between my own spiritual experiences and overhearing an old "country boy" on the bus talk about things of climate-to-come, here is my prediction!

[this Country man from the next door rural county, the type of county where if the local schools get a "D" rating, everyone claps their hands with joy as for this year the school ratings are so so much better than the years before!
this country "boy" talked non-stop for five bus miles, talking in a very emotional tone and giving someone his opinion on proper medicine to take, what to wear, the weather to come, he is probably right on all accounts and if you were to listen to his 5-hour "harangue", and followed his advice to the letter, your life would probably improve 300%!]

for the rest of this 2011 winter, the sky "wants" to remain cloudy. clouds will cover the sun at the very slightest weather excuse and remain Grey skies for the rest of the week. lots of rain and never ending damp cool and cold. the sun never really comes out much: take lots of vitamin D!

probably will be the overall coldest winter in 40 years!
Not "cold" as in low temperature records, but "cold" in the never ending daily grind of a high of 28 to 45 and foggy cloudy damp: whatever temp the thermometer says, the thermometer LIES!!

the kind of winter where it would be "best" to act as if you had just gotten out of the hospital after 20 days of being there and now you have a nice warm place to recover in. a stove, a fireplace, a good book, a meditation corner and lots of fattening good food to eat: the outdoors will not exist as a place to feel happy in!

a very good time to do lots of reading and to gain 20 pounds and to
not go outdoors much and to make friends with you inner past and your childhood and heal internally. pay little attention to the outer world! a Time to get Right with God and Your Soul and your childhood from hell or heaven, to Understand the people and events that hurted you from birth.

Cultivate Love, Truth, Goodness.

spring 2011 will be changeable and stormy. lots of tornadoes for the southeast. then as May approaches, this rain starved-for-the-last-20-years, southeast, will have a royal surprise!
the rainy season, June till late September, has been very weak, for the last 15 to 30 years.

by the middle of may the Monsoon time will return, this country boy said that the monsoon travels all over the world and stays in one place for three to seven to ten years.
So now it is OUR turn! 8 to 30 inches of rain PER MONTH, June to October!
Will be "northeast Australia time" for the southeast. have your flood insurance MAXED, if you live where water reaches or *almost* reaches! and if the old timers tell you that "the water has never gotten so high that it floods your...." : RUN, not walk, to your flood insurance agents!!
there will be lots and lots of tropical depressions, tropical storms, and, yes, Hurricanes! many many many....
This monsoon will begin in middle May and last until early November.

the winter of 2012/13 will maybe be the WARMEST in 40 years! but very wet and damp and cloudy.

summer of 2012 will see the monsoon.

winter of 2013 will be warm and wet.
summer of 2013 will see the monsoon.
winter of 2014 will also be warm and wet.
summer of 2014 will see the monsoon.

the Appalachian peoples: watch out for 30 inch rain tropical storms, in the mountains! 500 year rainfall in those valleys!!

----beyond this, the 2012 changes begin.

[a whole another topic, another maybe post: that in the last "Baktun", the last major Aztec calender roll-over, around 1490 AD, that smaller "civilization change cycle"], the Changes began *AFTER* the roll-over time of the calender. that Spaniards came soon after and it took 100 years before the dust settled into Spanish Mexico.
thus I suspect that not much will happen, in the 2012 earthchanges thing, until summer of 2014!! *then* the S hits the fan.

And..recall that when the 9th Avatar came, Jesus Christ, the Roman empire actually had its finest hours 150 years LATER than 33 AD!
thus the major changes , again, happened after.]

From several accounts from friends and from other sources, people experiencing their future incarnations, there is this "mysterious" thing where many of them are in South America. I feel that this will be so as the ice age will have begun, soon Europe and Canada will have to move elsewhere, the ice age is, from what i read, long long overdue and i think that man's global warming influences, over the last 3000 years, have delayed the ice age, but soon the Strength of the ice age influences will overwhelm man's warmings. Canada and north USA will have to invade Mexico and central America, i guess. Atlanta could be the metroplex of the North, 100,000,000 people will live from Atlanta to Jacksonville, Fla; and every inch of soil settled with people or farmed, in the southeast!

so when the 2014 changes begin, all of your "getting Right with God and your soul" will pay off; you did your Homework during those cloudy winters! could be "ascension time" for many people and Now your soul will be more ready for heaven, the new heaven!!


Sunday, January 09, 2011

some prophecies are real

some prophecies *are* Real!
Here was One that was real!

hi all.

the date was early November of 1986. I had just arrived at my aunt's, in upstate new York, driving 1200 miles up from Florida, to go see my father in Intensive care. He turned 72 last month and for over the last ten years he turned against me after his wife's sudden death, the shock pushed him over the edge. A few years ago, he had some type of religious experience, and this prompted him to make amends with me.
He lived through this third stroke, and he lived another year, dying at age 73, dying on Christmas day. We had a wonderful reunion, there, in the care unit; and I saw him often in the Home, over the months.

One day his friend told me, "you know, freestone, about his wife's dream, don't you"?!
I told him that i never heard of it from my mother.

he then told me the dream.....
----ten years before she died, she had a vision dream where that she was shown that she would be killed at dusk as the red sports car came over the hill in her lane, but that husband Dudley would live until he was 72"!
[I had the feeling, people, even then, that she was Shown this, not told this; that she was shown a "movie"
of the whole thing, as if some time travel cameras had gone ahead and then came back.]

*NOW* I knew why she, around March through fall, of every year, from 1967 to 1975, when ever I came up to see her and get mail and have supper, often, why she *delighted* in opening up a cupboard door to point out to me all of the ridiculous predictions that the
"top ten psychics predict the year ahead for 19XX". produced. Cut out sheets of these articles were hidden on the backside of the cupboard door.
Mostly these came from the scandal sheets newspapers in the grocery store.

totally wrong.
All of them!

I could do better with a dartboard with lists of possibilities.
From total cure of lupus to UFO sightings to end times, all utterly wrong.

I did not detect, then, that the "extra" energy she was putting into this putting down of all psychics had a personal meaning for her.
For, If they ALL are wrong, then her own would be wrong too!!


early October of 1975, she was driving at dusk and
that red sports car came over the hill in her lane at 120 MPH!!

there ARE prophecies that are engraved in titanium steel! That heaven and earth will Move to make them come True!

I just wanted to say this here, in this 2012 prediction section.
this forum has many many predictions for the 2011 2012 times and while many will not happen, there might be a Real One among the bunch!

I wonder....
I wonder why my mother's was so real and true. How could she get such a vision? what does this say about Free Will, if one accepts that her vision was real?

father lived until he was 73. was she wrong in this?
Spirit gave to father one more year so that he could make amends with his son, as he forgave me and himself, and thus his "repentance-mind", before I came up to see him, allowed him to live a bit longer. He died on the day of Gifts, his gift of that one more year.

thus the moral is, here, that even a "titanium steel" vision might be changed or delayed a bit too!
and...while the "Lord" did the delaying, it was father who made the first action to begin this process of the one year delay. Thus even "little" me or you, in prayer and meditation and resolve, might change some of the "negative" possible outcomes of "2012"!!

--and that is the Moral of my little story here tonight, people.

thank you....freestone

the year 2012. revisited

hi all.

here is some of my own feelings as to how 2012 end times might, could have, a "soft landing"!

---suppose a virus spreads and it is like a flu only so mild no one pays much attention to it. Until.....
Until it is found that everyone who had it, [99% of us] are now sterile! Only one out of 1000 people can father, or have, children. Zap. Soon 90% of the human race will be 65 or older. Then 10 years later, there are only less than a billion people here on earth!

---Suppose 20 "Ships" appear in space and the Visitors tell us that it is Time we all Join the galactic Union, the union of 500 races and faster than light drive is the way to fly and the furthermost planet system is one hour away from earth! And...I add...that these races are one million years more advanced than us, in technology *and* in philosophy/metaphysics, like everyone has "televisions" that make it possible to communicate
with souls in the afterlife, audio and video!
The human race will then mark 2012 as the Time that the changes began, as now we all have a million years of goodies to catch up on! The next generation, of the young, will nearly be of "another race" as the generational gap will now become Immense! Us "old fogies" might find it hard to adopt to all of this!

---just having 2012 *there* makes this year a very good "rear end of the donkey" for us all to pin the tail onto!
the collective angst, alone, will be studied for years and years after 2012, assuming there will be anyone left here to study it. This mass-mind cramp will occupy nearly every brain cell, of us all, after about April 1st of this year and *especially* if Something Happens like of a bad earthquake or of some "weird" stuff like bird kills or the track of a hurricane across the eastern Atlantic spelling out a word like, "kill", or "Timeup", on the weather map tracking charts!


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Rick Scott gov. of Florida

Today's the day Rick Scott, an insurgent Republican and political newcomer, becomes Florida's 45th governor.
Scott and Lt. Gov.-elect Jennifer Carroll are scheduled to take their oaths of office on the steps of the Old Capitol around noon. They will do so under almost ideal weather conditions, predicted National Weather Service forecaster Jeff Fournier. [quote]

the truck of politics takes a hard turn to the right. very right. Might even pitch off some people from the back of this truck, as the schools get hit with cuts, and social programs wilt for lack of fundings!

In Haiti I read that a reporter found the village elders cutting down the very last tree in the village or out of the village for miles. the only way this village can earn money is to sell charcoal to the cities.
"why are you cutting down the last tree, don't you think of tomorrow"?
He replies,
...."but our children are hungry today"!!


I have actually read that in times of colder climate periods, the politics take a hard turn to the Right, to conservatism. I see this coming. just ask the elderly about school taxes! many would insta-kill the whole public school system, as they are royally sick sick of paying school taxes!

so put yourself in an old person's shoes. the cost of the 5 prescription drugs go up up up, the food costs go sky-high, her son just got laid off and cannot give to her more money and *then* she gets her school tax bill!!
*automatic vote for Scott, haaaaaaannds down!!!".

the other day, folks, I walked by the breakfast cereal row, at the supermarket. these boxes now are INCREDIBLY thin! Then i discovered that the toilet paper is now made less wide.

they are cheapening everything to death!!

they have to: no one could afford the real Cost anymore.

maybe it is indeed Time to go back to Values, purity and all that!

this will not be a good time for educators, maybe. a hard hard right turn.

so everyone: take charge of your own education of your kids. the "right" would say that it is time for the individual. no more leftest social actions for the collective.


another cafe I cannot eat in, MCS

hi all.

Another place I had to leave, another cafe where they decided to make it look better, I have multiple chemical sensitivities.
They put in this here plastic "wax" floor covering. looks so shiny and nice but oh the smell and the nose, sinus, lung irratations!
Today I talked to the workers there, they all admit that the smell is strong and it was done "last week" during xmas vacation. Looks like six months, people before I can comfortably go again!

My sister was the same way, a wheel chair lady in her office had more "access" than she did to social activities!

ah the small lament of hidden disibilities. no one sees them, like of the red-tipped cane person or the wheelchair person!

and chemicals are the way of life nowadays.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

cheaping everything to death

cheaping everything to death, originally uploaded by freestone.

cheaping everything to death
they are cheapening everything to death! Smaller packaging, cheaper materials and other ways to cut costs.

Here is Scott toilet paper. the older paper and the new paper. A picture is indeed worth a 1000 words! But they are only doing what all other toilet paper companies do! I wish they would just go ahead and raise the prices, on items. But then no one would buy them as the sticker shock would be too too much. $4.00 for a candy bar? $2.00 for one roll of toilet paper?
No wonder the younger people embrace socialism or even Communism, forgetting that it is the greedy individuals and companies, not the system, that drives up prices! The same greed problem ruined Communism for Russia as the "good old boys" wanted it all, there too.
At this rate a candy bar will have just one bite in it and *still* will cost $2.89!

the 2012 world will maybe end, at this rate, by having all our products fail at once, as by then they will be made so cheaply that they will not last. think: hospital equipment, cars, food, clothes.

Uploaded by freestone on 1 Jan 11, 1.05PM EST.