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a visionary experience of my death and "end times"!
September 24th 2010.

hi all.
I was laying in my bed, the full harvest moon was shinning through my window. I had such a long nap that afternoon that I could not sleep well at 4 AM. There is a technique I sometimes use to fall back asleep with. I would lie there on my bed and imagine a scene like of a room and then imagine a "master" sitting at a desk and then I would ask this master a question and then he would then get up and open a drawer in a large desk at the other end of the room and what was in this desk would be objects that would symbolize answers to my question!
[I would create the room, master, desk, in imagination, then as the drawer is opened, *hopefully* Spirit would then "take over" and supply the image of an object or two in that drawer. Usually I would fall asleep first!! the drawer would not even appear]
I have been reading about the "end times" of late and also I wondered if I would survive these changes and also since I am 69 years old, now, I do not know how long I might live: just *what* lies ahead, a good topic for an Imagination at the harvest moon!
["end times", I mean by this, "end of civilization as we know it, due to earthchanges, and the like.]
So I did this, I created an image and hopefully Spirit, higher self, would supply some images from Spirit. I chose to create a passenger train where I would be standing in the middle of the isle between the rows of seats. *this* car will be "2010". Each car will be One Year, I begin about two thirds up the car as 2010 is about 9 months over with. I created a passenger car of the old variety, one of those long distance train cars, huge and long, but with large windows. the car that I am in, when i will begin this experiment, will be 2010, then each car ahead of me will be a year. then i will walk up the line of cars and see what is in each car. i probably will fall asleep long long before i get to, say, car 2020
So here I supplied all the images of my own doing creation: I am now standing in the isle looking forward, the windows are dark black, night time, i cannot even tell if the train is moving. the seats are empty. up ahead is the rest of 2010 and through the door at the end is 2011.
and the last car will have my death in it!! [grin] *if* I even get there before I fall asleep!
[I might well live until I am 95, like of two grandmothers, i will fall asleep loooong before this 2036 car is reached.]
I begin to walk forward.
Now this imagination thing is a dream.
the dream begins.....
the "[...]'s is where I interpret my dream, later, interpret what I saw.
I am still standing there in the very dimly lit car, the windows are dark, I am alone. But there is something on one of the seats next to the isle. a Plate of cookies! on the next set up, on the other side of the isle, there is another plate of cookies. There is nothing else in this car.
I enter the 2011 car through the doors.
A second dark dimly lit car. Black windows. I am standing by the door, early in the 2011 year.
And what greets me? On all the seats are plates of cookies! dozens and dozens of plates of cookies, cookies of all kinds. Some seats might have three or four plates on them, each plate full. I walk bemusedly up the isle, cookies all the way.
[cookies. each cookie is a Soul experience gotten from living in the world, for that time. "cookies" is an internet term too, where data is saved on your hard drive from each site that is visited; means the same thing, the isle is the vantage point of my life from my soul's view and every good life experience is a Cookie added to my soul.]
these cookies stop, however, half way up the isle. When I reach this point, I notice lightning flickering outside of the windows on the left. "a storm", i thought, in the dream. I take a few more steps upward. the lightning increases in number of flashes and I hear wind and rain, on the roof. By now I reach near the end of this 2011 car and now the car is beginning to rock back and forth, side to side, a bit! by the end of the car the side-to-side rocking now moves this car several inches back and forth!
[awesome, considering an old train car is built like a tank, heavy and tank-like!]
I then leave the car and enter that space between cars. the 2012 car is tipped upon its side!! It lists to the right about 30 degrees and probably has torn off of the car-couplings too! I will not enter it! Furthermore, if this train were moving, before, it is not moving now!
[!! Ominous! I have died!!]
I then squeeze out of the walkway between cars and jump down upon the ground, still black night.
[since I have died, I will have to "go out of body" to see a future beyond my 2011 death!]
Now I am standing upon the ground next to the 2012 car. car is listing 30 degrees and off of the tracks. I dimly see the car then i turn to see where the light is coming from. On my left is a sunrise, I can see it through a couple of trees, a dimly seen sunrise that has it where the light is preceding the sun.
[a "convention" is to be made here, I see now. the Time is January 1st of 2012, the sun is just barely rising, as I walk along this car, the year progresses, and the sun will rise higher into the sky and then set to the right of the car: "a day is a year", so the sun will travel across the sky as i slowly walk upward along this car.]
But there is something Profoundly "WRONG" with this sunrise! the whole sky is a dim but livid Orange! there are several small cumulus clouds and they are Grey. normally the clouds are colored too, this means that the color-causing agent lies at a very high elevation in the sky as the sun illuminates this color band but the clouds are below the level of the rising sun. Eventually the sun will shine upon these clouds as it rises higher. a "sick" orange. a bilious orange. I hesitantly walk along the tracks and peer again to the sunrise and follow this sunrise as i walk slowly. The patch of color rises a bit in the sky [naturally. the day's time passes as i walk.] However the orange sky only turns to Grey! As i walk still further, the Grey sky soon matches the color of the Grey clouds and i do not see clouds anymore; only Grey I see.
[high elevation dust will do this. Volcanic dust. Asteroid striking the earth; that will toss up such dust. Or a Nuclear winter will too, the beginnings of a such winter. the rising sun strikes the dust, the famous "volcanic sunsets" are due to this, micro particle dust at such a high elevation that it takes years to fall out.]
Now I am about midway up the 2012 car. the very Grey sky is getting darker! by near the end of the car, the sky is BLACK! I cannot even tell where the sun is.
I more or less grope along that 2012 car and i can now dimly see that I am passing by the 2013 car coupling. no sunrise for *this* 2013 car! black is the name, black is the number. slowly I stumble along.
SUDDENLY within only a few steps from about a third of the way up the 2013 car, the sky clears!! the sky is a deep deep blue and there are a few puffy white clouds and I am struck by the incredible clarity of the sky and air, as if there were now NO human pollution sources messing up the sky! but the car!! I noticed this car, something terribly wrong again!
this car had AGED!
[as if spirit did not want me to grope past ten ruined car-years, so spirit just "short cutted" to the year that the sky cleared!]
aged. the side of the car had ash on it about half an inch thick and rusted metal everywheres else and all of the windows had busted out too! this car had aged ten years or more, since 2012!
[these two ruined cars just might symbolize my body after death, within ten years there is only bones and dust]
I turn to my left and get ANOTHER shock! I see what was a thin forest and grass along the track side and everything was
dead trees. but I noticed something strange. these trees were not just "leafless and dead", these trees had it where only the bare-of-bark trunks and lower branches still existed. Only the inner heartwood was left: essentially "standing driftwood"! that indeed would be a very good representation of these trees. weathered. either storms or age stripped the bark off. years and years must have gone by! the track side grass was dead. However, off into this woods i could see a few lushly green patches of leaves, leaves on only a few trees. leaves re-sprouted perhaps and only on a few limbs of a few trees, one or two trees.
this is where the dream ends.
[taken "literally", this dream infers that I will die about middle to end of 2011, then Something happens to the earth such that most plants die, perhaps my death and this Event are linked.]
there follows, within sleep-seconds, *another* dream.
[now....when ever I have a second dream immediately after a "powerful" dream, this second dream ALWAYS is a kind of "helper" dream, to amplify and to explain the first dream. often the second dream is the "inner" counterpart of the first. In this case, this second dream will Indicate what will happen to me AFTER i die, after I step off of the 2011 car!]

Second dream begins....
I was in my high school classroom and the teacher was telling the class that next week would have the week long final exams.

I then went home but there i knew that I was doing SO poorly in class subjects that i will stay home all during the exams and not take them.
[I was ripped out of my body "before my time", my genes have it where I could live until I am perhaps 80 to 85 to 95, but "something" did me in, a something that ruined my life. Thus I cannot finish the class, cannot do what seniors are supposed to do near the end of their lives: subjectively "Summarize" one's life. {final exams summarize the whole year.}]

but after all the exams were completed, the class was supposed to all gather again to be told how they all did for the year. I managed to get enough courage to go this classroom. I entered the room with trepidation and all of the kids were already there so i slunk over to a corner and tried to hide. the teacher then saw me and then told me to go with the rest of the class as now the whole class was to all go for the graduation ceremony, "outside" of the classroom.
[I am now in an "entry room" in heaven, for newly arrived souls. does not matter if one dies before their time to go, or not. everyone comes here.

we all walked out to.....

an outdoors parking lot, an open paved space that was huge. maybe 500 foot by 500 foot in size.
all of the kids were to line up along one wall and as there were about 30 kids, each kid was about 10 to 80 feet apart from each other.
then I saw about 30 counselor-looking people come walking over to us and I could then tell that there was one counselor or teacher per person.
Behind them, off in the distance I could see that behind where these men came walking from, the sky was very clear and blue, a light "heavenly" blue, and over their heads the sky was a nice blue color. [but a lighter blue than in the train dream]
HOWEVER...behind the counselors was a wall of fog, a wall about 20 feet high and ran from side to side, one end of the parking lot to the other.
this "wall' had a VERY strange "look" to it! it was moving and flexing
in a very un-natural manner. looked to me as if there were "doors" in this wall, but many many doors. hundreds of doors, in fact!
the counselor came up to me, the dream ended at that point.

---I did not take the final exams. I died before my time to go! i did not finish my class. i did not finish my alloted time on earth, as perhaps "earthchanges" ended it!

so we all are in a place where each person will have his or her own personal doorway into a heaven unique to them. not that there are a separate heaven for each soul, in all likelihood, but that there are a number of heavens for the human race and we all and each will go to different "afterlife schools" after the ??? end times ???
[just as in a class of 30 students, each will go off to a different college or university, but several kids will go to one university, so that maybe 15 colleges will get the 30 kids.]

so that there might be 20...60...hundreds of heavens awaiting each of us and each person will have *a* door to go through in order to enter the Place of Placement.

the White light color of the human race is prism broken up into rainbow colors, the human race is broken up into separate paths, and each person goes their own ways.
[this is probably why so many people, on the forums, when they write about the afterlife, why they see so so many realities to come and they all are different from each other!! some will go with Aliens on UFOs to planets, some will ascend to Venus, others will enter hell worlds, some will go to their parents heavenly hometown, others could ascend to sainthood worlds, others will soon reincarnate upon other 3-D worlds orbiting around suns, in our Galaxy,
[thanks to a friend who gave to me the idea for this interpretation! ]
I got far far *more* than I bargained for, in my "Imagination" experience, indeed. the imaginations took on a life of their own, now Given by Spirit. Taken "as is", my personal death is inferred and maybe maybe
[pray for mercy and "over writing" of the end times, but some things are God's Will, and not to be changed. Now I will have to live with this Vision.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

YouTube - Jarga

YouTube - Jarga

Again I watch this video.

a Russian pagan festival. modern. Again I watch this. almost too too intense of emotions, here, than I can stand!! wonderful evokitive music too.

this is no picnic of middle class mothers! This video has got to be one of the most emotionally intese videos that I have ever seen, at least for a festival ritual.

Pagan Russians. After the breakup, the repression is mostly gone and Marxian doctrine was so dry!

Modern Russia" is, i feel, a "paint job" one layer thick on top of a 200 foot building! Old Russia is 5,000+ years old!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arkona - Rus

there are SO many videos of russian folk rock music on youtube. Even google does not have many links to "pagan Russia"! here are modern young Russians going back to ancient pre-christian roots. the Old Gods. a time when each house had its resident spirit enity that guarded it.

YouTube - andrey87rus's Channel

YouTube - andrey87rus's Channel

"Jarga" is the name of this video from youtube.
I think that he is from Russia, and this video, I think, comes from there.
When you watch it, you might think that this video is a "Pagan Slavic historical reinactment".


Is a Christian church service a reinactment of a 2000 year old religion? This gathering is a religious service, worshipping old pagan Viking/Slavic ways and Gods. there are parts of a wedding ceremony here, a fire burning ring march.
this is powerful feeling emotional stuff, here in this video. And if you search the youtube searchbox for "pagan Russia" you might see some very Interesting stuff indeed!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Behold, I give to thee Rain, see my blessings?!

Behold, I give to thee Rain, see my blessings?!
Behold I giver to you all, rain! This thunderhead looks like an old fashioned preacher with his arm outstretched, covered with robe, to give Blessings to the congregation!

Near sunset, Tallahassee, florida, looking west.

Uploaded by freestone on 11 Sep 10, 7.55PM EDT.

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my vision-driven views on our future!

hi. all....

On another forum I read of someone who sees a very good future for her Western usa city. I replied to the thread, glad to see someone who does not see a negative future for us all!

here is my reply.

I am happy to see that some dreamers are dreaming a probable reality that is *NOT Negative! so many people see endless quakes, fires, volcanoes, etc........
[I wonder sometimes if these end times scenes reflect the inner turmoil of the stresses of our accelerated livings, from the inner mind; there is so much stress today, both positive and negative.
How many people here, who read this, have either gotten a divorce or moved during the last 12 months?! A show of hands please!!]

there is so much interesting stuff happening today. Discoveries, history findings, chances for personal growth.

[a lot of the negativities you hear or read about have always happened, but now anything that happens is spread all over the world. cell phones have cameras that take even HD videos, internet can dig up some atrocity half way around the world. In the old days, takes a year to hear world news, most of which you would never ever know.]

I suspect that the REAL changes is in our spiritual life inwards! my own dreams tell me that the very meaning of heaven and hell are changing and changing so radically that even Jesus, if seen there, might not look like "Jesus" at all! that heaven, purgatory, and hell, will all be in the same space, one world! And that anyone can go from one to another, heaven or hell, ands back, easily!
In fact, even the "2011...2012 age rollover" might have "nothing" happen! but do NOT think that if nothing happens then that this period of time does not mean anything.

*here* is some of what i think the real Changes will be, folks!

old way:
you die, then adjust to heaven then go look at your life records and then see and compare how you did on earth compared to your incarnation intent then. Then face the judgment of your life as compared to the successes and failures. did you work out your karma and did you create yet more karma to add to your karma pool?!
then you go upwards to "bliss" worlds for a brief time and then face God for a "second" then turn around to reincarnate another life and on the way down, you face your Pool of karma, on the life review plane, and take with you to earth some of the karma from that pool to work out, leaving a lot of karma there in the life review plane for future lives.
[all of this heaven time took from three to 300 years.]

new way:
you die. you arrive in the adjustment planes and you soon go to face your life review and here now you find the radical Difference from the old way! You find that for a Loooong time that you will live on this plane and do not go up to Bliss worlds as you will not ever incarnate again upon the earth sphere!
[this is surviving the "SECOND DEATH"; no more leaving to go back to incarnations on earth.]
In addition, ALL of your this-life's karma is available for review and for "working out". Then you face all the karma from all your lives and the most radical differences here is that there is no more Leaving it and going upwards!
You work All of it out right there in the life plan worlds! nothing will be hidden from you or from other people's perceptions. you will have eternity to work out all your karma. the "bad" karma can be worked out slowly, maybe take 100 to 600 years, *OR* you can take a fast track to remove this lower vibrational "sins"!
go to Hell, not as a punishment but as a way to fast-purgatory way to remove the lower vibrational karma!
[i was once shown this in a vision of hell, that this is what the New Hell is for!]
you will "cook" in your life, enjoy every nice thing, and to go to a 100 temples of "this and that" to flesh out any talents that you have, talents and interests that you never had time for during your busy earth lives.
[this super, SUPER long life review will be the last one that you will ever do, this is why it is called the "FINAL JUDGMENT"!]

and another thing. the Christ will be a Partner within your soul. almost as if there are two souls in you: yours and His! your "free will' will really be Christ"s personal will for your spiritual developments. you might not have any more free will as it is defined here today!

eventually you will be able to go to LIVE in the Bliss realms, the Celestial spheres, and never have to leave. but you have to be ready first, after all, one cannot face God face to face until one first has a face and your face, here, is your Soul!
this is what this vast new heaven is for, to grow that face!

radical indeed! many Christians will have a very hard time with this place, I am afraid, at first!
[imagine a Staunch fundamentalist anti-abortionist finding that all of the abortion doctors there in heaven are just as Saved as she is, with the Christ in their hearts!! And that He will have her work with them all for hundreds of years!]

my dim Understanding, gotten through visions and dreams, I find much much more ASTOUNDING than of any "earth changes end time second comings rapture"!
earth changes and end times is a physical thing, something that we each can understand, but changes in the afterlife worlds is for eternity and cannot not be faced, after death!

so there you are. Some of my philosophy in a nutshell....


why conspiracy theories

the blind man touches an elephant by his tail and calls the tail *the* elephant. but the elephant is alive and the tail moves, that blind man
then knows that there is something outside of the tail controlling it, something beyond his ken, beyond his knowledge.
"Conspiracy paranoia" is then born! Something is manipulating his world!

No man alive can Understand the complexities of Corporations and governments
and the possibility of UFO aliens; all of these have "extensions" beyond his grasp.
Thus forums like thrive, we all are "blind" and cannot sense the entire elephant!

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Tallahassee's "Roman Villa", the old plantation house with grounds.

Finger Lakes Farmscape

Finger Lakes Farmscape, originally uploaded by M J M.

Finger Lakes Farmscape
High summer in the Finger Lakes. Low clouds, cool wind, wavy crops, somewhere near Penn Yan, NY.

Uploaded by M J M on 1 Jul 07, 9.04PM EDT.


just the area of the country where I grew up in. on a clear day I could see for 100 miles or more.

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the Fire eagle Flies!

the Fire eagle Flies!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Fire eagle Flies!
the Fire eagle Flies!

here at sunset looking west, tallaahssee, florida, I take a picture of some fire orange clouds, and by golly when I look at the image later I see an Eagle with wings outspread flying across the sky!

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DSCN4712, originally uploaded by seminarianvoitus.

The "St. Jude Chapel of hope" in Trust, NC.

Uploaded by seminarianvoitus on 26 Dec 06, 9.44PM EDT.

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who has the most games?

NEW YORK - APRIL 17:  Video games are seen for...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

hi all.

I once asked in a RPG forum, "who has the most computer games in their collection, played or unplayed, any systems"?!
---the winner was "about 3000 games"!

makes my 100 games seem puny.

now I am going to try that "Zemantra" thing on blogger.
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