Thursday, April 29, 2010

oil mess in the gulf

bye bye gulf coast! I fear this one will be far far far huger than even the fear mongers feared. total death to coast from Mississippi to Texas coast. everyone will have to move out, a toxic waste zone for 100 years. all those fishermen and Cajuns and Indians might as well move to the big city and become modern Americans, eating McDonald's like the rest of us all.

from what i read they are not even CLOSE to capping this well, yet!!

could be a month of oil coming up, maybe more!!

how about 1000 times worse than Valdez!!!

if there were a ballot Box, in heaven, and i could reach it and drop a vote in, my vote might now well be, " Time to pull;l the end time lever, have 10 super volcanoes erupt all at once or a 200 mile wide asteroid hit the earth.

enough is enough.

the symbolism scares me: that this area is one of the soul areas of America, just like New Orleans. we all killed new Orleans via dredging, levies, ship canals, now we will kill the Gulf Coast.
there are 400+ more of these rigs out there, only a matter of time.......

your cup of coffee enable slave labor in Africa, your eating chicken enables factory farms, your even eating natural organic fruits will hurt someone somewheres! nothing that you can do, even your recycling might send the plastic to India where 5 year old kids melt it down in windowless rooms, enabling child labor with your eco-minded way of livings!!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

brynoh's blog

Bryn Oh Machinima videos

her blog.

"I often find that in Second Life art there are categories of strengths to each builder. For example I may see someone create a technical/scripting work which is brilliant yet perhaps visually its a bit lacking due to a weakness in another area such as composition. Other artists may create a beautiful sculpture using traditional concepts of form or negative space yet are missing unique SL capabilities brought on by scripting. AM Radio is an artist who is very well balanced in this regard. If we break down this build we can see some of the variety which makes this build successful. And as I said at the beginning of this top ten, these are just my favorites over the year and I am not proclaiming them to be the ten greatest works of art in 2009."

Monday, April 26, 2010

a post from my flickr group forum

hello everyone, from the "Administrator", Freestone

[from my flickr group,

in the "discussion" section

Tis been awhile since I began this group. Growing nicely.

I have lived, now, at my nice Georgia Belle senior residence, for about six-plus years.
There are about 150 residents here. They range from 62 to 100 years of age.

many older people are like fine wine, gets better with age, but other seniors only turn sour and bitter as they get older, just like some wines do.

The Ones that get "better", seem all to be able to laugh a lot and to smile often. They have something outside of themselves, often a Salvation with Jesus.

we see the ambulance coming, about once per week, everyone knows that it will come for them some day, living on the front lines of death.

there are two generations here,
1..the Great depression and WW II generation, they often cannot relate to computers but have a deep feeling for "Clubs" and church socials and Morals.
2...the baby boomers, they began around 1947 and the first ones have begun to move in. They are the "me" generation, no social lives, no church, no suppers together, and a feeling of "overthrowing all the old ways [of pre WW II!].

I fit in the middle, 1941, born, I have a foot in each generation but can live in *Neither*!
[a saved Christian who loves the game Oblivion and eats meat and would , on my dinner plate, eat a juicy steak along side of a vegetarian stir fry "medley", made famous by the moosewood cookbook, on the same plate side-by-side!]

the baby boomers will get Older some day, some year my group might have 800,000 members!!

keep adding your photos and enjoy the fine older wine!

freestone Wilson

Sunday, April 25, 2010

the man with the parrot

the man with the parrot, originally uploaded by freestone.

the man with the parrot
the man with the parrot. One of the residents of Georgia belle, my senior hom. Parrot is named "Cosmos".

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

abstract art on the parking lot!

abstract art on the parking lot!
abstract art on the parking lot! Fallen oak tree pollen
fonds, then rain falls and water drips upon the ground, washing the plant material into "abstract art"!

Uploaded by freestone on 21 Apr 10, 10.06AM EDT.

the sandwich shop goes out of business.

This morning I read, in the Tallahassee, Democrat, about a local sandwich shop that went out of business after some 20+ years. Article read something like..."retired, sold shop to a relative, then he died at 58 years old after a stroke. His relative did not have the same vital charisma as he, the shop withered.

Often a newspaper article shows only a narrow slit, I find, upon the world.
I am tempted, here, to add my own impressions as to what really happened with this shop!

here goes:
---original owner was very charismatic and he was loved by one and all.
---he spent 100+ hours a week at his shop, it was his life, other than perhaps his family.
---he died "young" at 58, burned out maybe by his stress at work, but also maybe that when he retired, his life really was over, his work *was* his life! There are people who are Made to burn bright and die young.
---the relative forgot the old adage: "never wear a hat with more character than you"! He could not muster what was Required, this shop was a one-man affair, not to be run by a "committee".
[was Jesus a committee?!]

[when the life of the party, guy, goes home, the party is over, the hostess might as well begin to clean up!]

Many businesses, cults, sects, corporations, die after their mover and shaker dies or retires.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the Offering to the evening preacher!

the Offering to the evening preacher!
Here at Georgia Belle Apartments, Tallahassee, for Independent living, a beloved preacher comes to do the evening services, on Tuesday nights, right after our Tuesday supper.
One of the kitchen volunteers makes sure that this preacher gets one of the deserts, he has a huge sweet tooth!
[cannot take a picture of him or of any of the 20 waiting people, as no one is "ready" to have their picture taken, I guess when you are 90, some people do not want their wrinkles to show, or maybe there was no such thing as "spontaneity" back in the 1930s, when these people were young!]

the floor reflection almost makes it look as if God himself is Blessing the apple cranberry cake! Consider that to be so.

Here where I live, maybe 20 to 30 people come to the Tuesday evening services. Most are "older" than the newer-old, the 62 to 65 year olds. Many of the older generation, who grew up during the great depression and WW II, have a conservative outlook on life and on religion.

Interesting: the seniors with Jesus in their hearts seem to be, as a group, much happier than those other elders their own age who have no Jesus in their lives!
Imagine that: someone who is very conservative who is happier than most of the Newer generation people who deem themselves "well read, liberal, and cultured"!


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Saturday, April 10, 2010

futher amplification on the plane crash of Polish leaders

here is a reply that i made on the post that i made, below this one, about the polish plane crash.
thanks replyer....

I did not intend this post *as* a mourning post, the "signs" section name says it all.

you hit upon a 'sensitive" area with me there, about
us not destroying the planet.

a number of years ago, i had a powerful experience where I saw, or was Shown, how the earth and the people on it, will have one of FOUR possible outcomes.

1....we have a Nuclear WW III, and nuclear winter will take out the human race, letting only a few survivors live the stone age life. thus we all Go Down in Rage, thus many souls, after death, would find that they are in hell, that is...the "ascended new heaven" for the human race would then be DOWN, not up: the human race goes to hell worlds and fights a nearly never ending war and personal "road rage" with anyone near them, a huge huge "Roman Coliseum", where the opposing gladiators will be other people, everyone combats with anyone near them over and over and over........

2......we all "make it", solving some of the worlds problems of population, pollution, politics, etc....
life is somewhat good, people keep reincarnating and
slooooowly each soul progresses to live longer and longer in heaven between lives. then some far off day souls would not have to reincarnate.

3...we all are still here all right but NONE of the problems are solved and essentially we each and all choke on our wastes, as even the oceans become dead and most people live underground under a soul-less life and no old souls incarnate anymore so that the human race dies out of stagnation. the afterlife souls thus get Placed on other planets throughout the galaxy, by the Overseers, these souls will forget that they ever were of the human race. thus only very young souls incarnate and eventually even they stop coming, the human race dies out, along with most of the plants and animals! Event, not WW III caused by mankind, but by "God"! the ascension process with earthchanges. not necessarily even 50% die of changes but that as many souls as possible go UP in vibration to a higher heaven especially made for these souls
[the new heaven] . whether many going at once, in a year or four's worth of earthchanges and others coming later via standard death's way; many people will have a great "uptick" in vibration, at this time and most will never Have to come back to reincarnate.
for the 10% to 70% that remain upon the earth, the earth will receive a revitalization influx of some kind, from spirit,
[the new earth]
the people left will have more spirit guides and old souls incarnating, here, just to help them begin a new age.


*this* is why i write about a sign that this plane crash *could* be of!
it tells me...."an event Comes, humanity is judged. the event will not be WW III, nuclear, but could be number 4, above, the ascension-with-earthchanges.
but does NOT have to be a total wipe out of earthchanges either! after some "marker event" of earthchanges, could be that only 10% die immediately *at* the changes but that another 80% of humanity could just wait until they die of old age and such, then come up to the new heaven.
[i have no idea as to the percentage of destructions and such!]

the plane crash sign also infers, to me, that humanity did not FAIL! we will not stagnate or take 2 billion more incarnations to slowly climb to heaven's throne level!

As I have had dreams of hell being raised to heaven-level and purgatory being heavenized altogether, I feel ever the more that it will be Spirit that does earthchanges, not some "conspiracy theorized other humans who crave power and control"!
thus in a strange sense, these earthchanges will be Directed by archangels ...[you knew that; read your Bible!], thus this Event will be of the Greatest conspiracy thing going, as everything will be Planned!!


Poland's President's death: beginning of the End?!

Poland's President's death: beginning of the End?!
Today at 17:02:36 hi all...

I was surprised to read this article, yesterday, about the 96 people killed on that plane. I do NOT like the sign of this at all!
was 96 years since the assassination of Duke Ferdinand, on June 28th of 1914, which began WW I.
96 people killed in this terrible crash!

my Red Flags go down on the playing field: "meaning...meaning!"
Since this event seems to have been an accident, I am going to assume that if this event is a flag, of a "beginning", it is a Marker for the beginning of the real earthchanges, the earthchanges that will Equal a WW III!
A event done by God, not by mankind!

Mahr Baba had a devotee who wrote, and I read this myself, buried deep in the footnotes in the back of a baba book, that Mahr Baba's Guide, Shirdi sai baba, a most high Guru, who lived from about 1839 to 1918, was ethereally, spiritually, involved with WW I. Shirdi lived until he was 79 years old.

April 10th to June 28th is 79 days!!

[39 red flags go down on the playing field, so many flags that I cannot even see what type of game is being played!!]

Profound stuff is in this, "Karmic" at the least, with all of the riders on the plane and the countries involved.

but my own Guess, is that this plane crash is a marker just like that one for WW I !

ww III?

Again, i feel not. just as the tensions were building, a bit, before June 28th of 1914, there have been now a number of earthchange events of late.
*IF* this is a sign and I see correctly, soon the S will hit the fan big time, earthhcanges, asteroids, whatever, will begin in earnest and if there are any historians around 40 years from now, they will call this coming three or seven years [length of WW I ] one of mankind's major major markers. If there is a mankind around, then, that can read!

news sources.....


Have a little read: ... Why did the Assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand Start WW1? The assassination 'Sunday the 28th of June 1914 was a very bright and extremely hot day in Sarajevo. Sarajevo in Bosnia was preparing for a very rare royal visit. The streets had been specially decked out for the royal visit and colourful Turkish rugs had bean hung out along Apel Quay where the procession was going to take place.'


POLAND’S awful history makes it no stranger to tragedy, grief and shock. But not for decades has it suffered a trauma such as the death of President Lech Kaczynski, along with dozens of other senior Polish politicians and officials, in an air crash on April 10th.

The presidential plane was carrying a delegation to Katyn, to commemorate the mass murder of a previous Polish elite: the 20,000 reservist officers murdered by Stalin’s NKVD in 1940.

The symbolism of the tragedy to many Poles is almost unbearable. In 1943 General Wladyslaw Sikorski, the leader of the Polish wartime government, died in a plane crash in Gibraltar. No foul play was proved there, but many Poles believe that he was murdered because of his resolute determination to expose the Katyn massacre—which the Soviet Union blamed on the Germans. Now another Polish president, closely involved in the same issue, has died in an all too similar manner.

Polish historical sensitivies about Russia mean that many see the coincidence as sinister rather than tragic. But the plane tried to land four times, in bad weather. Accident is the overwhelmingly likely cause.

Among the 96 people who died were the chief of the Polish general staff, the head of the central bank, the director of the Institute of National Remembrance (which investigates and documents crimes such as Katyn) and many other of the country’s top public figures. Many politicians from the opposition Law and Justice Party, which is led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the late president’s twin brother, were among the delegation.

I hope I am wrong. One has *got* to read signs, if one wants to see markers like of this one, they are out there.


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

summer 09 thunderstorm

summer 09 thunderstorm, originally uploaded by freestone.

summer 09 thunderstorm
Summer of 2009, a thunderstorm approaches from the west, seen from my 5th floor landing. There are over 80 thunderstorm days a year here, and this counts only the storms that actually come to the city of tallahassee

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