Wednesday, March 31, 2010

is Sathya sai baba about to die, very soon?!

hi all.

I have now found TWO interesting articles about how now Sai baba is weak and is in danger of dying, he has had several bone fractures and is in a wheelchair.

here are two posts, the two that I found.

Posted by robertpriddy on February 13, 2010

Through the last 8 years or so, reports have come to me from various persons who either were still visiting Prashanthi Nilayam, or from ex-students and other disaffected followers who all claim that Sathya Sai Baba is no longer in control of his own affairs, neither on the Sathya Sai Central Trust, nor the ashram nor even his own activities. One recent visitor informed me that Sathya Sai Baba’s hands shake constantly and very visibly. Another states ” He has a disease and is at the mercy of his organization”. These reports concur generally with one another and with the information given us by a very long-term follower who was living in Puttaparthi until fairly recently who stated that Sai Baba’s shows many signs of strange behaviour in public, including statements that he would go here or there later that day, which he never did. He also told an interview group in 2009 that he is now 94 years old! (which suggests he may think he will die soon, while in reality he is much younger than that).



February 27, 2010

Last year Sai Baba told the students in P.N. that he was already 95 years old. He also told them that his parents were calling him. Hints like these usually have meaning, and during the past few years we have seen the cessation of most morning darshans. I expect the coming year will reveal an entirely new era of the Sai Baba story.

does not look Good!

I have read where he says, "no end time earthchanges as long as I live"!
he has told people, when young, that he will live to abvout 2020 to 2022, depending upon where you read it. [in india, one is one year old *at* birth, further complicating the issue!]

Even some of Baba's enemies, who try to expose him, say that there will be one powerful
power struggle in his ashram, if he dies soon! all that money and power, see, corrupts.

None of the devotee sites write of this stuff, I have to go to all the anti-baba sites to read about this!!
[always read the enemies of someone you like, they might have News for ya!!]


Saturday, March 27, 2010

the Angel of Water!

the Angel of Water!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Angel of Water!
the Angel of Water!

Looks like she is Reaching out to water the rose in the Pot.
Actually, the city crews just finished watering this plant, just before I came by!

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astral travel dreams

As I sit here at my computer I recall my last nights small dreams. as usual, more OBE, out of body dreams into the astral planes.
And AGAIN, maybe now the the 15th time, I visit the Row Of Shops!

strange row, these. they all are of the same style but different store each time. think..."bamboo shoot" where there are compartments in the shoot. I enter a shop, find it full of people and things to buy, usually old clothes or items like of a thrift shop. The shop is narrow. 40 feet long, maybe 20 feet wide, no windows. there is that door at the rear, i enter the door to see yet another shop behind that one. people and goods.
there is a door at the rear of the store and i open it to..........find yet another room; this room is empty of people and goods, but there are a couple of boxes here and there along the wall. there is a door in the rear, of course and i open it to find...another shop.

on and on, maybe 30 rooms. not a window or a door on the sides of any of these rooms. One of the rooms had a small cafe and there were policemen sitting at the tables having a break!
Every store must have had from three to 20 customers.

I woke up, but just as I woke, I now Knew what is going on here!
the astral as seen from a astral traveler, is not following the rules of earth plane! the laws of physics are different there and reality can shift about utterly, there.

there is NO "bamboo" row of shops there! there are many many shops though, thousands of these stores where no money changes hands. most have no windows on the sides as the shops might be in rows, like on a street on earth. Too, many of the customers enter via "teleporting" so that no door is even needed.
I, the astral traveler, would see these shops linked together, the residents would not see them so. they might ALL be just one store too, 4000+ stores all occupying the same 20 X 40 foot space, "on top of one another"!!

I went back to sleep and dreamed again. This time it was a road lined with farmers barns! farmhouses and old old barns. one after another, much closer than in earthlife. huge huge barns, the imagination of the farmers, who died on earth and had these constructed, now could build the barn of their dreams without the law of physics to get in the way. Most were abandoned, the farmenrs moved on to higher heavens. These barns and houses lined up much like the stores did! Some of these barns had scaffolding around them, a newly "dead" farmer has taken over another farmer's barn and house. Up ahead on the road, i could now see a far off old town's buildings, I stopped and figured it was a good time to turn around and go back to my body as I could see a modern construction crane blocking the road, ahead, much work being done on a barn.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

the sky is afire and is Burning

the sky is afire and is Burning, originally uploaded by freestone.

the sky is afire and is Burning
Oh wow! An Incredible sunset! the tree seems to be surrounded by a nimbus of fire glory!
Orange to the max. a sunset, here in Tallahassee, florida.

You have to be here *at* the precise moment, people, this show only lasted about five to ten minutes, then it was over.

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Monday, March 15, 2010


sundown, originally uploaded by freestone.

Setting sun from my 4th floor window.

tallahassee, florida.

A bit bright, the clouds look stormy, the live oaks have lost their leaves, getting ready for spring new leaves.

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Monday, March 08, 2010

springtime tallahassee

springtime tallahassee
Originally uploaded by freestone
springtime tallahassee
just a short video, Tallahassee, fl. the Mockingbirds sing, I just wanted to let everyone hear a mockingbird. They can sing for an hour and not repeat any "tunes"!

I just wanted to test to see if birdsone could be recored, in my canon a610. yes indeed, i will have to try a longer birdsong video for youtube, maybe.

ignore that traffic signal!

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spring in the park.

spring in the park., originally uploaded by freestone.

spring in the park.
springtime! Early March Finally, finally after the coldest winter in 30 years, here in Tallahassee, Florida, the birds are singing overtime and the buds race to come out; supposed to go to 70 today!

This park is downtown.

If you notice that the Live oak trees have leaves that look a bit "sickly", it is only due to their getting ready to die and fall off. The leaves are green all winter, then they fall off in a rush just as the new leaves come out!

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Church, Interlaken, NY

Church, Interlaken, NY, originally uploaded by Sandy Su.

Church, Interlaken, NY

Uploaded by Sandy Su on 14 Jan 09, 9.04PM EST.

my Hometown church!

Interlaken, ny.

Dutch Reformed, the denomination.

When I see this picture, I think "American Gothic"!

There are now many Amish people in this county, Seneca county.
My aunt, the chior director of this church, found that the Amish hymms are the same as this church, this surprised her. I told her that this is no surprise as when the Amish split off of the then-currant Dutch churh, it was this one that they left!

"Neo Amish"!
----this is my word for people who live *like* the Amish do, but mostly "inside" their heads; they have electric and drive cars like everyone else, but inside they have the old values that the Amish have. Like many who attend this church.


Monday, March 01, 2010


moon, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Moon.

Setting moon over tallahassee. Another view from my bedroom window. Somewhat "zoomed".

Another cool morning. Usually 70 degrees by 3 Pm, not these days, might be April, I figure, before I see many 70s for a high temp here!

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