Monday, December 20, 2010

wikileaks and you

hi all.

wikileaks has a side to it no one notices!

there was a site somewheres, I read some of it recently, I cannot recall who this was, "dogpoet" maybe or some other activist.
This site, coupled with other people's writings, leads me to post my "idea" here.
"they" were writing about the TPTB people having all of their "dirty laundry" coming out into the open for all to read and to know about.
"the time of the hiding, of all these Lizard people, is over, everything will now Be Known To All"!

I hear hands clapping!
"joy joy, *finally* these leaders will get "theirs".


a very sharp sword cuts both ways, and this is the Topic of my little "talk"!

How about *you*?!
all your secrets and hidden crud will come out too, all of it!!
soon, if these people are right, and they talk of angels and Guides Opening all of humanity at the end of the age, why *your* life will also be Leaked out. everyone that knows you will know all about you, from your babyhood onwards. Perhaps every thought too, thoughts that, since they are only thoughts, they will never be known.
Now, they will be!!

do not please act like the old testament people who want to judge the TPTB "Lizards", severely.
the old testament likes the words, "judgment, punishment, revenge, righteousness.

but Jesus saved the woman from the well of Samaria!
He tempers the old testament with Love, mercy, understanding, goodness, beauty. healing, compassion.

Someone will have to hold the hands of the TPTB people, after they die, and help them heal and repent and then heal of their ego-greed ways!
[I once, out of body, was directed to enter a "eastern-Muslim-type-of-building" to help the patient, a difficult patient awaken and to be healed and helped. they told me he was "ready". I entered a dark room to see a ruined man on a bed, bloody face from his death Posture. I recognized him from the News, here is the soul who was the leader of Iraq, and the military invaders found him hiding in a underground bunker, then he was executed. yes, even HE is qualified to be Compassioned and to be saved; probably his brothers will be next!!]

see, the TPTB people are also us, you and me! what is the difference between a Banker mogul who steals from the people and a little old lady at the senior home who steals four "take a number for the drawing" tickets, at Thursday bingo, so that she can get a better chance to win the $5. [a true event!!]

every one of us has done, in tiny amounts, the very very same sins as these "Lizard" people in power, in governments and businesses!!
---and all of this will come out soon enough, the person you slept with, the things you stole, the parties you ruined by your bitterness, all and each of us is a small "Mafia", a TPTB, in some way! the Bible says that all of us have sinned and no one escapes this fate.

"repent now", the preacher says....."become saved and through Grace will thee become whole"!
be it known that each and every deed and thought and feeling will soon be known to all and even be engraved upon your face, after you die, as it is in your soul and in the akashsa records!!

so now here on earth as the Pluto transit moves through the earth sign, the "wikileaks" will spread ands spread so that all the hidden stuff will come out. But, as i write, no one will be spared this unveiling! you and me will have our very own wikileaks!

so please do not be too "hard" on the TPTB people, after all, they are us, and part of the Vine of the Christ, leaves and branches on the One Vine. we all cannot get to the highest heaven, probably, until ALL of us are ready to enter. so mercy, please, on those Who Stumble and let Power's tempting calls corrupt them!


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