Sunday, December 12, 2010

wiki leaks. war!

hi all.
the Wiki Leaks!
I would not want to be that Julian Assange guy! I realized just now that either by direct action, of the leaks, or in side effects, the row of dominoes tipping, that he could end up being either the cause of a major war or of even WW III!

Just imagine Pakistan vs India, where Leaks get one side to do something
"ballistic" [pun intended!]

or watch, say, the Russians and the Americans go Ballistic!

bye bye....

I, myself, would NOT want to wake up in the afterlife to find out that my little "falling snowflake down the mountain: caused a major war, the "avalanche, at the bottom of the valley, burying a whole village, was caused by that one falling flake!"


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