Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Russian peasants stuck in the past!

hi all.

there was a yutubefriend who replied back, after I wrote to him. he "specializes" in having a camera in his car and he records his trips around Moscow. He told me that he was "down" on Russia and that "how the people in the tiny villages are all stuck in the 1950s"!

Ah Yes, this is *not* a Russian problem!
[the wonders of seeing my own country through learning about Russia!]
It often is an "age" problem. here in the USA, here in the senior home where I live, there are people who live in the 1930s, 1950s too!

Item: I recently overheard, on the bus, one black [Negro] lady talking to her friend, she was lamenting about her uncle who was old and hardly ever leaves his cabin and he lives like it is still Segregation time, in the 50s, and he calls every white man "sir"!
the Russian people , who are in their 60s-plus, grew up under collectivist Communism and this is all that they are familiar with.

the Tender tips of the branch can bend, the older trunk is stiff.

Only a few seniors are still "growing" like that 85 year old man, here, who has internet fast access and is learning to paint, in the art class.

In fact I have read that many seniors consider any "change" to be a weakness, you broke before you bent!! This attitude saved Russia from the Germans in WW II. And America too.
and now-a-days software companies, I read, will lay off 25 year old people as it is found that in the ever-changing software world, one loses flexibility by 25 years; they rather only work with 18 year old people!!


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