Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my door

my door, originally uploaded by freestone.

my door
I live at the Georgia belle senior apartments for independent living. Many residents decorate their doors, sometimes with the seasons. I often wonder about the people who do NOT decorate their doors; most of these people are men.
Of course, most ladies have their apartments looking like "house beautiful", the men often have their rooms look like "shop 101" or "garage 202", or even..."bed and a TV and a pile of clothes on the floor"!
[Lady: cook properly with a balanced meal.
man: take a can of food and a can opener and a spoon. open can, lean against wall and eat right from the can, cold!!]
Of course this is not always true. there are two men here who were professional cooks.
And..a lady who was in law enforcement.

but every Door tells a story about who is inside.

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