Wednesday, December 01, 2010

the Homeless High IQ man!

homeless 4

[from my flickr photos]
the mural at the Homeless shelter. sometimes there are nearly 200 people here a night, in the winter. a good shelter.
No one can make it to heaven, our true
home, by ourselves, it takes Spirit in our hearts, with Jesus there. Then the Angels and Guides, with Jesus, will help us go Home.
Thus, the secret of the homeless is that all of us are homeless without Spirit in our hearts, and our true Home is in heaven!

the Homeless High IQ man!
---that is my subject title.

One day recently at a bus stop, on the corner 20 feet away, I saw a homeless man with a sign, begging for money. I went over to talk to him.
He seemed to be very intelligent and he told me that he, a veteran, was trying to get money to live on while he was trying to get the vet people to approve his disability case. his wife is working on her Masters and when she gets it, they will move to a more liberal state for better benefits.
the bus then came. I knew the bus driver, I told him about this veteran. *then* this driver tells me, "oh *that* guy! he was on my bus yesterday and he fell asleep and his bag fell onto the floor and the contents of his soda ran over the floor and the ALCOHOL smell reek filled the bus. See, I notice him begging all over town, but *only* in areas 300 feet from a liquor store!! he is a deep alcoholic, probably this is why they do not give to him benefits"!

sigh. his God, this man, is Alcohol. So many homeless people "do" drugs and drink. And that wonderful Shelter, where the mural is, above, has that saying, inferring that one should live life not "Alone", and what is meant here is that one should have SPIRIT, of some manner, in one's life.
otherwise one is indeed Homeless. True Homelessness is so even if one is the CEO of a huge company and lives in a nice home on the good side of town! The Tombstone is on everyone's road of life and then what will happen *after* you pass that Stone?!
One without a soul, one with no Spiritual life, is Homeless.



  1. Anonymous6:39 PM

    I was one of those homeless people in Tallahassee. I couldn't abide the company at the Shelter and stayed over on Pensacola Street near Ocala. I didn't beg, but I would spend all day walking around the west side of town looking for change on the ground and in coin-return slots. All of my money went for beer, and I slept in abandoned buildings. Thank God that I have been sober for the last three years and have a normal life again.

  2. thanks for this comment.
    I have heard too this from other shelter people. I use the library a lot and live right by it and ride the bus a lot and you maybe see me every day. 200 men in a room, how *could* anyone sleep? cough cough, the latest virus comes direct from Detroit to you!
    good thing , i read today, the city has a plan to send cold people to a school when the temp is 35 or lower.
    Drink. the black hole collapses around you when you do it; i have heard of many recovery stories and even more failure accounts.
    I know a number of homeless men who never even had a proper babyhood! thus in a profound sense the world DOES owe them a living as they did not get it at the time of the mother's nipple milk! then they walk around angry and drive off anyone who cares. then they get even angrier, the noose tightens, until this person is nothing but a machine gun of RAGE!!
    *got to find Love, got to find something outside of ego-self.