Wednesday, December 08, 2010

"are you ready for the coldest winter in 100 years?"! [for tallahassee]

my letter to the tallahassee newspaper, letter to the editor.

freestone Wilson.

letter to the editor.
"are you ready for the coldest [ maybe ] winter in 100 years?"!

Here I sit, thinking about my years of having great interest in the weather, majoring in meteorology here at FSU, in the 60s.
I come originally from a tiny town in upstate new York. My father, part Indian, was a weather "prophet, predictor", the only man that I knew who would stop his shop work to go out and watch an oncoming storm!

between this background and my readings of the South American winter, last July, where I saw videos of whole tropical rivers clogged with the dead bodies of alligators and tropical fish, the near Antarctic cold killed them all, coupled with the bitter winters in Europe, plus my perceptions of a "stuck-in-a-holding-pattern jet stream; lead me to be Afraid!
Afraid! Not fearful, but "afraid" of what *our* winter could be like this year!!
A winter to come that will make last January's winter be tropical mild in comparison!
[I will not use anymore the phrase, "global cooling", i will from now on use the term, "global colding"!]

So here could be three to four months of a winter where a "good day" will see a high temp of 50 degrees! "oooh, it got up to 45 today, a heat wave"!
A winter where not only snow could be seen, snow could cover the streets to stop all travel and commerce for a solid week or more!
A winter where the Tallahassee council might actually *have* to consider whether to buy snow plows and road salting equipment, for next winter!

so people. get ready. batteries. weeks of 5 above to 25 above, day after day after week, will severely test your car battery. The shops will be so busy, if yours fail, that you will not get to where you want to go for days!
2...your home furnace. [note that I did not write "stove"; they are too too wimpy for what could be coming!] Is it ready to heat your home where for days and weeks the temp might be 30 with a 30 MPH wind and a low temp of 8 above?! Do you have clothes that are comfortable for an Ohio or Indiana
winter? For that could be our winter, people!! 5 to 20 inches of snow this winter, with most days seeing a high temp of 35 to 50 degrees, or LESS! Can you go outdoors comfortably, at 10 above with a 20 MPH wind?!
Get Ready NOW...clothes, blankets, whatever....
4..stockpile food! suppose there is an ice storm of 2 inches of rain at 28 degrees, you might no have electric for over a month!
Five inches of snow on the streets will close the groceries for a week!
5...owners of warehouses: if you have a sprinkler system, beware that unless you keep your building heated, the pipes could freeze! Then when they thaw, all your goods will be flooded!
6...the homeless: if you like to sleep in the woods, you should have a sleeping bag that you would feel comfortable sleeping in, in the Carolina winter mountains! Otherwise, go to the city shelters!
8...your tender plants: maybe do not do a thing about them, just let them die, unless you want to do a "heroic effort"! Tallahassee will be Cleansed of all Exotics and warm climate invasives; back to basic native very cold hardy plants. our plant hardness Zone 9 might become a Zone 7 or even a southern Zone 6, this year! [southern Pennsylvania!]
7...a room Humidifier will keep the air moister when you sleep so that your inner nose will not dry out. keeps many colds away.

In short, *if* I am right, Tallahassee could have a December to April that will be the equivalent of a city in Kentucky or south Ohio, this coming winter! So get ready now. not curtail your outdoor activities just because you wake up and see a "25 degrees" on your thermometer, thinking that you can wait until a warmer day to do your chore: there will *NOT BE* many warmer days, between now and April 15th!! So go out and Embrace Cold, learn to love Cold!

freestone Wilson

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