Tuesday, November 16, 2010

rumors of war and the ship fire

hi all....

I read a post about how someone thinks that the crusie ship was a terrorist attack, then the poster writes about how the USA is really at war with china, secretly.

here was my reply....

1...probably only a malfunction in the mechanics. recall the jokes about, "nothing can go wrong, can go wrong, can go wrong"?! ever have your toaster pop up the done toast only to see it flip over and then drop behind the refrigerator never ever to be seen again?!
I have seen things go bad in ten seconds or less, like you reach for your cell mobile and hit it as it sits on your table and off it goes onto the tile floor.

a lady here at my senior home once was cooking and she must have run out of an ingredient and then she ran off to the two mile-away store but she left that pot on the burner on "high"!
when she came back she saw six fire trucks in front of the building; they had just put out the fire in the wooden cupboards that were above her stove!!

war. this one is not so easy.

there is a saying: "wars begin long in heaven before they ever get to the earthplane"!
---someone wrote that in the astral and other planes, there was terrible fighting going on between Nazi Germans and other peoples and in a few years this struggle burned its way down to earth to begin WW II.
no doubt china and the us will be in a war some day unless these "differences" are worked out up there!
there is also "economic war" too. china, not being able to transport its millions of troops, will probably rely on missiles or Internet attacks and the like.
in a strange sense, your and my and our buying from china most of our goods might keep this war away for awhile as china needs us to be able to sell to!
if they ruin the united states, who would they sell to?!
but all it takes for war is one new leader, there, who is a hawk for war with the west.
see, we have come near-full-circle, in the "stages of empires move west"! now the west is meeting its "tail", the circle is nearly complete. a new cycle begins.

do we ever really Know what the gov. tells us.
how about the Advice columns in the newspapers?!
here a wife finds out that her husband has been cheating on her for years. do YOU even know what your friend, significant other, really really thinks?!
do you even know what you really think, about things?!

again: fear.
there are too too many people who are Afraid, these days! afraid because life has become to too complicated and out of their control or understandings!
there is, i suspect, in many of us, a deep profound NEED for a strong benevolent [meaning: someone who believes what we believe!] dictator that will set things to be simple and to be right!
and someday we all may elect One! then we all will have that Final Belief that will choose for us all our future choices and then we all can go back to being comfortable!

37 kinds of Crest toothpaste?! 523 kinds of cell phone plans?!
I knew of a man who had an IQ of maybe 170 and he wore grey colored clothes from socks to hats, ONLY!
see...if he had to *choose* a shirt, say, he would have to contrast and compare every single shirt in his metropolis huge city! only then could he make a real informed choice after looking at 9,082 shirts!!
or---do a "Macro", just buy only one color everything and ten of each item!!

so we trust nothing. even the Seers who visit heaven write of wars and intrigues there!

can you trust the gov.? or the bakery down the street, or even your husband?! maybe not.

can you trust your child sexing priest?! no.
boy scouts, the breeding ground for homos and pedophiles?!
the military, of course not.

I cannot even trust MYSELF, see....
no matter what promise, say, i make to someone, I usually end up breaking it as life intervenes!!

no, i cannot trust myself. Spirit maybe i can trust, but golly, even if Spirit is True, I trust NOT my INTERPRETATION of what Spirit shows to me! my ego gets in the way.

when i read 'abovetopsecret", i think immediately of the nice lady in my senior Home who knows the dirt on everyone, all the gossip and the rumors.
and sometimes she is VERY right, sometimes she is wrong. like my own thinkings.

there is a "Bible-person" word:

use it, please!

freestone Wilson

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