Friday, November 19, 2010

a letter to a Russian, "the differences between Russians and Americans"!

hi all.

here is a letter to a Russian videomaker on Youtube.   he is not happy living in Russia and thinks abit about moving to the West.  I wrote to him a letter whee I tried to tell him what the differences are between the Russian Way, and the American Way.   How do these two cultures differ?  they have the same streets, high rises, cars, and people.   There is a vast inner difference though.
I briefy tried to write of this in the letter.
   so here is the edited letter to him.

Hello Axxxxx.

yes, Russia.
here is a visitor's seven part travelogue, through Moscow and Penza. the best travel movie I have seen to date, maybe. He touches on the positive sides of what he sees, though there are dark pointing to rough police and bad roads.

somehow I feel that the soul of Real Russia is still back in the Pagan viking/tarter/roman days! for worse, as you see. but also for the best as well.

grass is always greener somewheres else, BUT!
but each person is different. you might indeed enjoy America, working with modern ways of living and thinking.
Individuals count more *as* individuals here.

see, the Positive feeling in the Orthodox Russian church is that the Christ sort of radiates his being
throughout all of life and "downward" through all the people. we are part of Him.

this religious feeling comes from a deeper place, that the Land...state...Spirit....the past....etc, is GREATER THAN THE INDIVIDUAL and that one should submit to this.
you can maybe see where Marx and 1917 gets its Power from!
thus the old Russian land is suffused yet with Gods and spirits and Beings greater than any one person.

here in the America, the individual is all. Even religion is a personal thing and there are maybe thousands of sects of churches.
as well as the worst of this Idea of individual freedom!
"dog eat dog", ..."fight to get on top". breakup of the family, now 60% of marriages break apart, and Axxxxx, everyone that i know, under 60 years old, has been divorced at least once, and I know friends and acquaintances who have been married three or four times!!
to rise.
or to fall. a double edged sword.
like the opposite, in  Russia, where the individual must subsume, must bow, to powers greater than he, for worse, but sometimes, [when it works] for the better.

India too, has little freedom of spirit. little free will, karma rules the old India.

but in the end, and I feel this is SO important, that one must be greater than the beings and the society, political forces that are around one. even in Christ, you must take part, yourself, in the worship and living. Jesus, the angels, the saints, might be there for you, but YOU have to take part in your own salvation!

I can well sense why Communism and Nazism are such bitter enemies: they have a LOT in common.

Humanity is like unto the butterfly. In that it takes wings on both sides of the body, to fly.
thus one needs balance in both "Russian" and "western" ways of life.

thus in a Real Sense, that I study my country and its people, America and Europe, via looking at Russian videos and culture. study from the OTHER SIDE of the selves.
like: even your "automobile, car, videos! they show the very same city scenes that are in my city, Tallahassee, Florida, streets, high rise apartments, stores, traffic, people, but as if viewed from a light that is shining upon the man from the LEFT side, while Tallahassee, Florida, USA "videos" would show this same man being illuminated via light from the RIGHT side. [ the butterfly wings.]
am I clear? your English is very good, but Idioms may not travel well.

In each country there are rebels of sorts. you have sympathy for the west, but there are people here in the USA who join cults so that they do not have to think and to choose, they let the sect choose for them!
there are still women here who WANT to "be a ring around some strong man's finger, to be coffee inside of his cup and to let the man live her life for her.

so which "side" is right? or wrong?
both are right, but both are wrong too, in parts and often in wholes.

my answer lies in the BIBLE!

it is said by Jesus that..."I want equals to live in my House, I do not want servants and slaves"!
"God wants co-creators with him, not slaves"!

thus the point of Progression's arrow is for INDIVIDUALITY and free and open choices.
this is the only way to be a co-creator with God and Spirit. that is what is wanted of us.

there. a long letter. oversimple differences I see between the East and the West, Russia vs America.

have a good day, freestone Wilson

not very scholarly, this letter.   but in the main, one can indeed learn about oneself and one's culture by studying other cultures.


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