Sunday, November 28, 2010


hi all.

I am going to try to see if the new facebbok app is working, to have my RSS feed go directly into facebook!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

subtropical tallahassee on a 80 degree thanksgiving day

I created this video, just a walk along a tallahassee street. Lush semi-tropical plants. 80 degrees

twisty branch

twisty branch, originally uploaded by freestone.

twisty branch
In the park, here is this twisting Live Oak branch. It lies almost on the ground.
Taken about 2 Pm, tallahassee, florida, about 80 degrees on thanksgiving day.

Uploaded by freestone on 25 Nov 10, 4.33PM EST.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Русская деревня :: Видео на RuTube -

Русская деревня :: Видео на RuTube -

death of a Russian village. people all move away or die of old age. the fate of many Russian villages, all move to the city. but just look at the usa midwest!

Friday, November 19, 2010

a letter to a Russian, "the differences between Russians and Americans"!

hi all.

here is a letter to a Russian videomaker on Youtube.   he is not happy living in Russia and thinks abit about moving to the West.  I wrote to him a letter whee I tried to tell him what the differences are between the Russian Way, and the American Way.   How do these two cultures differ?  they have the same streets, high rises, cars, and people.   There is a vast inner difference though.
I briefy tried to write of this in the letter.
   so here is the edited letter to him.

Hello Axxxxx.

yes, Russia.
here is a visitor's seven part travelogue, through Moscow and Penza. the best travel movie I have seen to date, maybe. He touches on the positive sides of what he sees, though there are dark pointing to rough police and bad roads.

somehow I feel that the soul of Real Russia is still back in the Pagan viking/tarter/roman days! for worse, as you see. but also for the best as well.

grass is always greener somewheres else, BUT!
but each person is different. you might indeed enjoy America, working with modern ways of living and thinking.
Individuals count more *as* individuals here.

see, the Positive feeling in the Orthodox Russian church is that the Christ sort of radiates his being
throughout all of life and "downward" through all the people. we are part of Him.

this religious feeling comes from a deeper place, that the Land...state...Spirit....the past....etc, is GREATER THAN THE INDIVIDUAL and that one should submit to this.
you can maybe see where Marx and 1917 gets its Power from!
thus the old Russian land is suffused yet with Gods and spirits and Beings greater than any one person.

here in the America, the individual is all. Even religion is a personal thing and there are maybe thousands of sects of churches.
as well as the worst of this Idea of individual freedom!
"dog eat dog", ..."fight to get on top". breakup of the family, now 60% of marriages break apart, and Axxxxx, everyone that i know, under 60 years old, has been divorced at least once, and I know friends and acquaintances who have been married three or four times!!
to rise.
or to fall. a double edged sword.
like the opposite, in  Russia, where the individual must subsume, must bow, to powers greater than he, for worse, but sometimes, [when it works] for the better.

India too, has little freedom of spirit. little free will, karma rules the old India.

but in the end, and I feel this is SO important, that one must be greater than the beings and the society, political forces that are around one. even in Christ, you must take part, yourself, in the worship and living. Jesus, the angels, the saints, might be there for you, but YOU have to take part in your own salvation!

I can well sense why Communism and Nazism are such bitter enemies: they have a LOT in common.

Humanity is like unto the butterfly. In that it takes wings on both sides of the body, to fly.
thus one needs balance in both "Russian" and "western" ways of life.

thus in a Real Sense, that I study my country and its people, America and Europe, via looking at Russian videos and culture. study from the OTHER SIDE of the selves.
like: even your "automobile, car, videos! they show the very same city scenes that are in my city, Tallahassee, Florida, streets, high rise apartments, stores, traffic, people, but as if viewed from a light that is shining upon the man from the LEFT side, while Tallahassee, Florida, USA "videos" would show this same man being illuminated via light from the RIGHT side. [ the butterfly wings.]
am I clear? your English is very good, but Idioms may not travel well.

In each country there are rebels of sorts. you have sympathy for the west, but there are people here in the USA who join cults so that they do not have to think and to choose, they let the sect choose for them!
there are still women here who WANT to "be a ring around some strong man's finger, to be coffee inside of his cup and to let the man live her life for her.

so which "side" is right? or wrong?
both are right, but both are wrong too, in parts and often in wholes.

my answer lies in the BIBLE!

it is said by Jesus that..."I want equals to live in my House, I do not want servants and slaves"!
"God wants co-creators with him, not slaves"!

thus the point of Progression's arrow is for INDIVIDUALITY and free and open choices.
this is the only way to be a co-creator with God and Spirit. that is what is wanted of us.

there. a long letter. oversimple differences I see between the East and the West, Russia vs America.

have a good day, freestone Wilson

not very scholarly, this letter.   but in the main, one can indeed learn about oneself and one's culture by studying other cultures.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

RuTube. Всё Видео! Лучшие онлайн видео ролики, приколы, аниме и клипы. -

RuTube. Всё Видео! Лучшие онлайн видео ролики, приколы, аниме и клипы. -

the Russian version of "youtube". by russians, in russia, for russians!

McDougall house

McDougall house, originally uploaded by freestone.

McDougall house
here in Tallahassee, blocks from where I live, is this house. from the Tallahassee gov. site.

One of the finest remaining antebellum homes in Tallahassee is the Brokaw-McDougall House. When first built in or around 1856, it was on the outskirts of town. Its original owner, Peres Bonney Brokaw, ran a prosperous livery stable business downtown, and also found time to serve in city government, the state legislature and in the Confederate Cavalry. His daughter married Alexander McDougall, then a recent immigrant from Scotland. Members of the Brokaw and McDougall families lived in the house until it was sold to the State of Florida in 1973. The state made the house available for conferences, receptions, meeting space and special events. It also served as the headquarters of the Historic Tallahassee Preservation Board until May 1997. January 1998 the City of Tallahassee leased the house from the State of Florida for $1 a year and began operations and management of the facility. It continues to be used as a popular conference and event site.

Architecturally, the house is an outstanding Classical Revival building with strong Italianate influences. The formal gardens were laid out in the early 1850's prior to the construction of the main house. They were restored as a Bicentennial project of the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs.
once was 300 acres and outside of town. Now deep inside.

Whenever I see this house, as I live a couple of blocks away, the house has long long ago been "swallowed" by the city so that there are only a couple of acres of land left to this house, I am reminded of that book written by a 1880 New York Times reporter who came here to report the capital news [Tallahassee is the state capital].
the book, I think, was called TALLAHASSEE LADY; a book about a new York times reporter who came to report the capital news during the 1880s.
In the book, the reporter comes into the city by carriage, from the train station and as he passes by a plantation house *like* this one, he sees a pretty young lady in the yard. he soon gets to know her and falls in love with her. She, however, is Promised to another man in marriage, another plantation owner.
The book, in its writing techniques, Links the beauty of the area of the countryside that is of Tallahassee, with the beauty of this lady. He comes from the cold cloudy Northland where winter rules six months of the year and he arrives here in late January where the flowers are blooming and the trees are green and the sun shines brightly at 70 degrees or higher, even in January.
He learns to play the piano and begins to enjoy the Southern ways of life: his Soul Opens Up. Tallahassee and that lady inspires his soul to grow.

Alas, she gets married and he has to return back to New York, but he understands, anyways, that she could not live in the cold city of new York, even if he were to marry her!
Thus he knows that she must marry this other man, even as she Loves him more than he!

He returns to the north. At night, sometimes, in his dreams, he dreams of scented magnolias under a full moon. Thus When awake he knows that once his soul has Opened, he can appreciate the
beauty around him, even in new York city! He can live like he were still living in this strange and wonderful southern city, at least in his heart, even as he is walking the streets of New York!

Uploaded by freestone on 18 Nov 10, 2.31PM EST.

Sanat Kumara, November 16, 2010

Sanat Kumara, November 16, 2010

here is a channeled message, one that has it where the channeler is trusted by many people.

An urgent message
Sanat Kumara
November 16, 2010

I AM Sanat Kumara. I have come again on this day to give a talk that is necessary; and I think that many of you who are reading these lines will probably be puzzled. However, the time is pressing. Therefore, I am going to start.

We haven’t been giving any dictations through our messenger lately. And that is quite righteous, as there is no point in giving the Knowledge to those who cannot perceive and adopt this Knowledge.

The purpose and the sense of my today’s coming is to apply to those few who are incarnated and can hear me. I appeal to you.

There are few of you; and the circumstances of life become more and more aggravating. The karma of humanity becomes dense and draws in all those who are forced to follow the overall mass of people.

You have to stop. Let the crowd of people be noisy, but may the fuss within your being calm down.

It is your turn. You have incarnated for the mission, the time for which is coming.

You should step out of the crowd, you should separate and become the one who you really are – transmitters of Light, electrodes of Light. Balancing of the planet Earth should be carried out through you, through your conductors.

Severe times are approaching. And there are only several people incarnated who can perform this work for us.

The fuss of life should step back. Everything should fall silent within you. Your time has come. And now, when I have prepared you for the perception, I have to tell you one more thing, the main thing: you all become active collaborators of the Brotherhood on the Earth. And I am speaking for you now. You should focus on the inner work of balancing the situation on the planet.

There is no other way. The situation hasn’t ever been so heavy on the planet.

The balance should be restored, at the cost of prayers, at the cost of setting inner peace and silence.

There are few of you and it is possible to maintain the balance only by an incredible concentration on the inner work, only by concentration on the Highest during all day.

Do not pay attention to what is happening around you. Only the concentration on the heart, God within you.

Let the wind blow, let there be a snowstorm, let the conflagrations rage, let the world collapse if the flame is burning smoothly and peace and harmony reign within at least several people, everything can still be changed.

I urge you to keep silence. I urge you to pray. I urge you to meditate. I urge you to become the one who you really are: sons and daughters of God. Everything will fall silent within you and the balance will gradually revive.

And now I am ready to tell you one more thing: do not be afraid of anything. All the worst things that could happen have already happened. The rest will be just a consequence of what has happened. Today I have come for those who are ready to hear me so they could carry out their duty.

I AM Sanat Kumara. Om.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Ekaterina Reznichenko

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ALKONOST - epic dark folk metal band

ALKONOST - epic dark folk metal band


want your rock and roll to sound of Russian ancient folk music and mythology, set to rock music?
look no further!!

Amazon has downloads and cds to buy.

I like them as I dig deeper into the Russian soul.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

rumors of war and the ship fire

hi all....

I read a post about how someone thinks that the crusie ship was a terrorist attack, then the poster writes about how the USA is really at war with china, secretly.

here was my reply....

1...probably only a malfunction in the mechanics. recall the jokes about, "nothing can go wrong, can go wrong, can go wrong"?! ever have your toaster pop up the done toast only to see it flip over and then drop behind the refrigerator never ever to be seen again?!
I have seen things go bad in ten seconds or less, like you reach for your cell mobile and hit it as it sits on your table and off it goes onto the tile floor.

a lady here at my senior home once was cooking and she must have run out of an ingredient and then she ran off to the two mile-away store but she left that pot on the burner on "high"!
when she came back she saw six fire trucks in front of the building; they had just put out the fire in the wooden cupboards that were above her stove!!

war. this one is not so easy.

there is a saying: "wars begin long in heaven before they ever get to the earthplane"!
---someone wrote that in the astral and other planes, there was terrible fighting going on between Nazi Germans and other peoples and in a few years this struggle burned its way down to earth to begin WW II.
no doubt china and the us will be in a war some day unless these "differences" are worked out up there!
there is also "economic war" too. china, not being able to transport its millions of troops, will probably rely on missiles or Internet attacks and the like.
in a strange sense, your and my and our buying from china most of our goods might keep this war away for awhile as china needs us to be able to sell to!
if they ruin the united states, who would they sell to?!
but all it takes for war is one new leader, there, who is a hawk for war with the west.
see, we have come near-full-circle, in the "stages of empires move west"! now the west is meeting its "tail", the circle is nearly complete. a new cycle begins.

do we ever really Know what the gov. tells us.
how about the Advice columns in the newspapers?!
here a wife finds out that her husband has been cheating on her for years. do YOU even know what your friend, significant other, really really thinks?!
do you even know what you really think, about things?!

again: fear.
there are too too many people who are Afraid, these days! afraid because life has become to too complicated and out of their control or understandings!
there is, i suspect, in many of us, a deep profound NEED for a strong benevolent [meaning: someone who believes what we believe!] dictator that will set things to be simple and to be right!
and someday we all may elect One! then we all will have that Final Belief that will choose for us all our future choices and then we all can go back to being comfortable!

37 kinds of Crest toothpaste?! 523 kinds of cell phone plans?!
I knew of a man who had an IQ of maybe 170 and he wore grey colored clothes from socks to hats, ONLY!
see...if he had to *choose* a shirt, say, he would have to contrast and compare every single shirt in his metropolis huge city! only then could he make a real informed choice after looking at 9,082 shirts!!
or---do a "Macro", just buy only one color everything and ten of each item!!

so we trust nothing. even the Seers who visit heaven write of wars and intrigues there!

can you trust the gov.? or the bakery down the street, or even your husband?! maybe not.

can you trust your child sexing priest?! no.
boy scouts, the breeding ground for homos and pedophiles?!
the military, of course not.

I cannot even trust MYSELF, see....
no matter what promise, say, i make to someone, I usually end up breaking it as life intervenes!!

no, i cannot trust myself. Spirit maybe i can trust, but golly, even if Spirit is True, I trust NOT my INTERPRETATION of what Spirit shows to me! my ego gets in the way.

when i read 'abovetopsecret", i think immediately of the nice lady in my senior Home who knows the dirt on everyone, all the gossip and the rumors.
and sometimes she is VERY right, sometimes she is wrong. like my own thinkings.

there is a "Bible-person" word:

use it, please!

freestone Wilson