Tuesday, September 14, 2010

YouTube - andrey87rus's Channel

YouTube - andrey87rus's Channel

"Jarga" is the name of this video from youtube.
I think that he is from Russia, and this video, I think, comes from there.
When you watch it, you might think that this video is a "Pagan Slavic historical reinactment".


Is a Christian church service a reinactment of a 2000 year old religion? This gathering is a religious service, worshipping old pagan Viking/Slavic ways and Gods. there are parts of a wedding ceremony here, a fire burning ring march.
this is powerful feeling emotional stuff, here in this video. And if you search the youtube searchbox for "pagan Russia" you might see some very Interesting stuff indeed!!


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  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    No. Christian church services are not like that. We,sing,worship,and praise God. No silly rituals. We have a blast in church!! No boring chants at all. We let God come in spirit and do what ever He wants to do!! God is real and alive!