Tuesday, September 07, 2010

my vision-driven views on our future!

hi. all....

On another forum I read of someone who sees a very good future for her Western usa city. I replied to the thread, glad to see someone who does not see a negative future for us all!

here is my reply.

I am happy to see that some dreamers are dreaming a probable reality that is *NOT Negative! so many people see endless quakes, fires, volcanoes, etc........
[I wonder sometimes if these end times scenes reflect the inner turmoil of the stresses of our accelerated livings, from the inner mind; there is so much stress today, both positive and negative.
How many people here, who read this, have either gotten a divorce or moved during the last 12 months?! A show of hands please!!]

there is so much interesting stuff happening today. Discoveries, history findings, chances for personal growth.

[a lot of the negativities you hear or read about have always happened, but now anything that happens is spread all over the world. cell phones have cameras that take even HD videos, internet can dig up some atrocity half way around the world. In the old days, takes a year to hear world news, most of which you would never ever know.]

I suspect that the REAL changes is in our spiritual life inwards! my own dreams tell me that the very meaning of heaven and hell are changing and changing so radically that even Jesus, if seen there, might not look like "Jesus" at all! that heaven, purgatory, and hell, will all be in the same space, one world! And that anyone can go from one to another, heaven or hell, ands back, easily!
In fact, even the "2011...2012 age rollover" might have "nothing" happen! but do NOT think that if nothing happens then that this period of time does not mean anything.

*here* is some of what i think the real Changes will be, folks!

old way:
you die, then adjust to heaven then go look at your life records and then see and compare how you did on earth compared to your incarnation intent then. Then face the judgment of your life as compared to the successes and failures. did you work out your karma and did you create yet more karma to add to your karma pool?!
then you go upwards to "bliss" worlds for a brief time and then face God for a "second" then turn around to reincarnate another life and on the way down, you face your Pool of karma, on the life review plane, and take with you to earth some of the karma from that pool to work out, leaving a lot of karma there in the life review plane for future lives.
[all of this heaven time took from three to 300 years.]

new way:
you die. you arrive in the adjustment planes and you soon go to face your life review and here now you find the radical Difference from the old way! You find that for a Loooong time that you will live on this plane and do not go up to Bliss worlds as you will not ever incarnate again upon the earth sphere!
[this is surviving the "SECOND DEATH"; no more leaving to go back to incarnations on earth.]
In addition, ALL of your this-life's karma is available for review and for "working out". Then you face all the karma from all your lives and the most radical differences here is that there is no more Leaving it and going upwards!
You work All of it out right there in the life plan worlds! nothing will be hidden from you or from other people's perceptions. you will have eternity to work out all your karma. the "bad" karma can be worked out slowly, maybe take 100 to 600 years, *OR* you can take a fast track to remove this lower vibrational "sins"!
go to Hell, not as a punishment but as a way to fast-purgatory way to remove the lower vibrational karma!
[i was once shown this in a vision of hell, that this is what the New Hell is for!]
you will "cook" in your life, enjoy every nice thing, and to go to a 100 temples of "this and that" to flesh out any talents that you have, talents and interests that you never had time for during your busy earth lives.
[this super, SUPER long life review will be the last one that you will ever do, this is why it is called the "FINAL JUDGMENT"!]

and another thing. the Christ will be a Partner within your soul. almost as if there are two souls in you: yours and His! your "free will' will really be Christ"s personal will for your spiritual developments. you might not have any more free will as it is defined here today!

eventually you will be able to go to LIVE in the Bliss realms, the Celestial spheres, and never have to leave. but you have to be ready first, after all, one cannot face God face to face until one first has a face and your face, here, is your Soul!
this is what this vast new heaven is for, to grow that face!

radical indeed! many Christians will have a very hard time with this place, I am afraid, at first!
[imagine a Staunch fundamentalist anti-abortionist finding that all of the abortion doctors there in heaven are just as Saved as she is, with the Christ in their hearts!! And that He will have her work with them all for hundreds of years!]

my dim Understanding, gotten through visions and dreams, I find much much more ASTOUNDING than of any "earth changes end time second comings rapture"!
earth changes and end times is a physical thing, something that we each can understand, but changes in the afterlife worlds is for eternity and cannot not be faced, after death!

so there you are. Some of my philosophy in a nutshell....


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  1. Wow! I knew we we on similar pages but it seems we are on almost exactly the same page.

    Within the scope of such a long life, time, at least as we know it would cease to have any meaning. Hence: End times or end OF time.

    But it's actually not ominous at all. Well, that part isn't anyway.

    Making peace with your own karmic load and that of your ancestors is no cakewalk. I think some souls will dissipate rather than deal with it.

    But for those that stick it out I think breakthroughs in science paired with a new view of spirituality will usher in an unprecedented age of enlightenment.

    Heaven and hell are really just states of mind. Earth has been ruled by hades as its predominant state since the dawn of man. What things will be like after that changes? I dunno, but I hope I'm around to see it.